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Batman Returns Review.

This is one of the reviews for Hallo-Walken season done using my Christopher Walken inspired character Chris the alpha walken,  the 'Walken Reviews'  is a spin-off of my Monstermaster13 reviews that has been going since 31st March 2013,  so please save your complaints for something more serious.

Hello once again my human friends,  fellow supernatural creatures and Walkens and She-Hessians everywhere.  Now as you all know,  October is just around the corner and do you know what that means my beloved Walkeny subjects?  That's right...Hallo-Walken time! Hallo-Walken is that special time of year when all the good humans leave peace offerings in the form of cowbell and blood out for the great Christopher Walken who visits them and turns them all into Walkens or She-Hessians.

And what better way to get a head start than to talk about one of the best Walken movie appearances ever?   That's right,  i'm talking about Batman Returns.  Everyone knows how successful  Batman was when it came out in 1989 and how much it blew everyone away,  comic book fans included.  Now because this movie was so successful,  a sequel was in high demand but Burton initially didn't want to sign on.

But...Due to popular demand,   Tim Burton decided it would be a clever idea to do a sequel...and voila,  a sequel was made.   There is a lot of behind the scenes history to tell here,  including at one point Robin was going to be in it and he was going to be played by Marlon Wayons, yes...that nearly did happen.   Numerous actresses were considered for the role of Catwoman,  including Cher.   And there was an infamous incident with Sean Young in which she dressed up as Catwoman and she snuck in to the studio and tried to get Burton to cast her in the part.

Get this -  the Penguin,  played by Danny Devito - also had several other choices including Christopher Lloyd,  Marlon Brando was rumored at one point,  Dustin Hoffman,   the now late Bob Hoskins,  and even John Candy...i'm serious...John Candy was also one of the choices to play this role -  but I can never imagine someone as lovable as him playing a villain,   yeah he played a sleazebag lawyer in JFK but I think that's about it.

A lot of people especially hardcore comic fans tend to be persnickety when it comes to judging the movies's plot as a whole simply because of how Catwoman and Penguin were portrayed.   I'm not one of those people,  I don't care for accuracy or faithfulness to the source material because I am perfectly fine with how things are in movies like this,  especially considering that this movie is a very underrated sequel.

Michael Keaton is of course back as the legendary dark knight and he's badass.  He totally nails it here.  And not to mention if it wasn't for this and the 1989 Batman movie,  we wouldn't even have Batman: The Animated Series.  So that's something to consider next time you try and nitpick the hell out of this movie.

He's not alone though,  after all -  there's good ol Alfred played by Michael Gough.  And let's face it,  the dark knight would be completely lost without his trusted butler.   He does really well in this role and he played the role in all 4 of the pre-nolan movies.   Now..we all know that every good superhero story has its share of villains,  don't we? Of course we do,  and now it's time for me to talk about them with you all.

First of all we have the feline fatale herself Selina Kyle/Catwoman portrayed by the gorgeous Michelle Pffiefer,  and by gorgeous I mean DAAAAAAAAMN.  She really looks sexy as all hell when she's dressed in that leather outfit.   I like how she starts out as being really shy, mousy and naive before she becomes well...Catwoman,  and how that when she's Catwoman - she is sensual and badass at the same time and also has cat-like traits like cleaning herself in the way a cat does.   I thought it was a nice touch and they didn't go too overboard with it unlike in the Halle Berry cat-woman movie that has nothing to do with the character.

The main villain of this piece is Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin,  played by Danny Devito -  I know a LOT of comic fans complain about this portrayal mainly saying that the origin story didn't make much sense,  but keep in mind...this is a dark yet humorous comic book movie that has such things as a millionaire who by night is a vigilante who dresses up as a bat to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

His origin story really made me cry....I mean his parents threw him into the sewers just because he was severely deformed?  That's just tragic and also very heartbreaking,  yeah I know he's part person and part bird but that doesn't mean you can just throw your kid into the sewers.   Danny Devito was FANTASTIC in this part,  and his portrayal was both creepy and sympathetic at the same time and I could really feel for the poor guy.  

Not to mention the incredible makeup that was done on! The late Stan Winston truly was a genius.  It's no wonder Michael Jackson got him to do the short film Ghosts in 1997,  which by the way was amazing and I recommend adding that one to your halloween lineup.  Anyway,  Devito...bravo! *claps several times*

Oh no...I seem to be forgetting someone.  Now who could that be? Oh yes,  Max Shreck - who is an original villain created for this movie.  In original drafts of the script he was supposed to be Harvey Dent,  and in another draft it was revealed he and Penguin were brothers.  Max is of course played by Christopher Walken and like always...Walken is both eerie and hypnotic and at his Walkeny best.

Believe it or not,  Tim Burton was reluctant to cast Walken because he is scared of him.
But who could be afraid of Walken?  I mean Walken is so alluring and beautiful...just look at those blue eyes...those eyes...*goes into a trance-like state*....Yes,  Walken...I obey.   *snaps out of it*  No,  not now.  I may be a Walken but i'm must remain professional here,   after all i'm doing a review and i'm trying to blend in with humans so you know...I can't let them find out i'm actually a Walken,  after all - i'm in the middle of a review and I mustn't get distracted -  not even by Walken or his alluring piercing blue eyes.

But this isn't Walken's only appearance in a Burton film,   in 1999 he took on the role of the pre-headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow and was considered for the role of Brainiac in Superman Lives,  the latter sadly never came to fruition,  for more information on that I suggest the documentary The Death Of Superman Lives.  All I can say is this -  Christopher Walken's head on a robotic spider-body...yes,  that's a real picture.

I have to say Max is one of my favorite Walken roles next to Archangel Gabriel and the Hessian,   the latter is the Walken role that made me the Walken I am today, ohh...yes, the Hessian...all that blood,  and those teeth...and those eyes...rr...*he growls softly as he licks his lips,  thinking about the Hessian*.   Oops,  silly me.   I didn't mean to scare you like that,  it's just my Walken instincts are acting up for some reason.

Which is weird because my Walken instincts don't usually act up like this,  and i'm usually able to control them to some extent.  Oh well,  it must be a blood moon coming up or something,  that always has some weird effect on me...and by that it just causes me to become more and more Walkeny with each passing night.

Yes,  this is slightly darker than the first Batman movie directed by Tim Burton and this received a lot of complaints mainly from parents or as we call them...soccermoms,  the soccermoms out there complained that this movie was too dark and gruesome.  The moment that really got their underwear in a bunch?  Danny Devito's Penguin biting someone's nose.   Well that and the dark imagery in general,  but those soccermoms should have known what they were going to be in for.    Of course it's going to be dark ang grizzly, it's a Tim Burton movie for pete's sake!

This movie isn't exactly for the faint-hearted as I have mentioned it is very dark and sinister in tone but also it has humor to balance it out,  but I must warn you though...if you have low tolerance for things like black goo oozing out of someone's mouth...then you probably will be very uneasy if you decided to watch this,  but if you a high tolerance for very morbid things than you will love this movie.

Not only is this movie a good movie to watch around halloween but also Christmas because it takes place at Christmas as well.  And yes,  Oswald's father is played by Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman and the mother is played by the actress who played Simone -  both of them were in Pee Wee's Big Adventure which was Tim Burton's first live-action feature length movie that got released and shown in theaters.

Fun fact -  Danny Devito's Penguin was inspired by a sketch that Tim Burton did of a character known as Jimmy the Hideous Penguin-Boy,  which can be seen in his Oyster Boy and Other Stories poetry book.   It was this very character that got Devito interested in playing the role.

Does this movie still hold up?  Oh definitely,  oh heck yes my Walkeny children of the night and I heavily recommend it if you are a Walken fan or if you love Tim Burton,  or if you're just one of those morbid souls that love a little bit of humor to go with their inner darkness,  I also suggest getting the soundtrack as well.

In case you are wondering about the plot....well i've already gone over it with you guys so you don't need me to go into specific details because I liked everything about this movie and always will.  Because it's one of Burton's best and you shouldn't miss out on this underrated gem of a movie -  trust me,  you'll feel like a right idiot afterwards if you decide to miss out for some stupid reason.

I give this movie two Walkeny thumbs up and a high recommendation as well as 10 cowbells out of 10 as well as the Walken seal of approval,  you must watch this movie if you haven't already -  or if you feel you want to give this movie a second chance...go for it.   I promise you,  that sometimes by giving it a second chance...that you'll like it.

I'm your bloodthirsty cowbell-crazed host,  Chris the alpha Walken and i'm reminding you to stay tuned for there will be more Walkeny reviews coming up this in Hallo-Walken season countdown,  plus i'll be sharing with you my favorite vampire movies and answering questions with my Ask The Walken segments.

So stay tuned my beloved night-children and fellow Walkens,  stay tuned.  Oh,  and remember this my friends...if you see a blood red moon at night or start having dreams about turning into Christopher might be Walkeny too.  

Saturday, 19 September 2015

TftW: Walken Lives.

Walken Lives.
This story uses the same motives and themes as 'The Were-Walken' and its sequel...which of course uses the whole Christopher Walken TF story concept and the idea of being hypnotized and turned into Walken at night.    The hypnosis scene was one that was heavily researched by looking at hypnosis videos on Youtube and this story is based on the Imagine Your Icon posts.
Have you ever looked at those imagine your icon posts on Tumblr and reposted those and wondered if your icon is alive and trying to speak to you?   Nathan has.   And his icon is one that always seems to be alive and moving even when he's gone from the computer.   His icon has a life of its own and has a mind of its own as well.   His icon was a Christopher Walken icon,  one of Walken in the 1995 vampire film The Addiction to be exact -  and it was most active at night.  Sometimes this Walkeny icon would try to escape from his virtual prison and try to take control of Nathan in his dreams.

This would result in him having dreams of being hypnotized and or turned by said Walken icon,  slowly but surely losing himself to the icon and being turned into him - as much as he tried to resist this,  the icon's hypnotic powers always outpowered him and eventually he felt the only thing to do would be to give in.   Because in a way,  he always wanted this...he always wanted to be...Walkeny.

One night Nathan was on his computer,  once again on Tumblr checking the imagine your icon page -  and there was one on another imagineyour page that intrigued him -  he clicked on it and thought to himself.  He clicked on it and read it carefully before replying to it.

"Imagine turning into your icon?  Okay...that sounds interesting.  I've always dreamed of being Walken...and i've always wondered what it feels like to be him.  I've written countless stories about it...and yet...i've never turned completely into him yet."

He posted his reply before answering other people's comments and questions and looking up the IgotthavemoreChristopherWalken blog,   a few hours later he decided to post several Walken related photos on his Facebook page before shutting down his computer and heading to bed.   As he slipped on his pajamas and nightshorts,  he picked his favorite plush toy horse up and cuddled him as he made his way towards the bedroom.

Once he got in the bedroom,  he turned on his music player and put his MLP plushes in a neat little row as he put his two plush toy horses near the right side of his pillow as he laid himself down to sleep,  gently drifting off. However,   while he was sleeping soundly asleep in his bed -  that was when something eerie commenced from within the computer room.

His computer mysteriously turned itself back on again as eerie black smoke emitted from the screen,  but that wasn't all -  the Christopher Walken icon he had on his Tumblr account started tapping at the screen and slowly but surely...he began to escape from the virtual prison and out of the screen.    Once he escaped,  the Walken icon surveyed his new surroundings,  hissing slightly and sniffing the air.

He then turned into mist and slithered his way through the airvents into Nathan's bedroom, of course once he got to into the bedroom -  he saw Nathan sleeping peacefully,  that was when he decided to make his move -  he morphed back into his Walkeny form and perched on the stand that was near the chair with the cardigan hanging on it.

"That's it,  sleeep...sleeep,  soon...all your human troubles will be over,  and your dreams of Walkenity will come true.  Rest,  and let my Walkeny powers control your mind...filling that precious brain of yours with such blissful Walken-like thoughts...let your dreams guide you to me,   it won't be long until you join me and the others.."

He used his supernatural powers to send hypnotic suggestions into Nathan's mind,  in the process giving him those Walken filled dreams he had been having for the past several nights,  in the dreams he was constantly looking for Walken and he heard his voice calling to him on a regular basis and each time it happened,  it would entice him even more and beckon him to the side of Walken himself.  

And there would be more than one Walken out there as well,   there would be several of them -  all of them looking and sounding like Walken himself,  and all of them lived to obey their beloved master and spread their Walkeninity to others by enticing them with their hypnotic powers and then infecting them with their bite...turning them into Walkens themselves.   As he dreamed,  Nathan could see them -  they were everywhere, all Walkeny and oddly entrancing despite being so scary and vampire-like.

He couldn't take his eyes off them,  their stare was alluring enough to send him into a hypnotic trance-like state -  they growled softly as they greeted him,  they seemed very friendly -  even for a race of bloodthirsty Walken-like creatures of the night.

"W-Where am I?  And why are you"

"We're Walkens...and we've been waiting for you."

"I must be dreaming.  Because I don't think I heard you correctly...did you say Walkens?  As in there is more than one Christopher Walken out there?   I'm pretty sure there's only one Chris can there be more than one Walken?"

"Yes..there are many of us.  This is no dream, shall join us..."


"We've been reading your posts and listening to your thoughts...we know you dream of losing that human form and becoming Walkeny.   You try to resist the urge to growl and to drink blood,  but deep down you long to be like be so...enchanting...and Walken-like, no matter how hard you know that you will succumb to our power eventually.."

"Well...yes,  i've always dreamed of being Walken..."

"Yes...but the only thing that's stopping you is that outside of your dreams and during the are human...but we can fix that.  We can get rid of all those pesky human troubles and give you those wonderfully Walkeny traits you so deserve to have."

"I don't know if i'm ready to become Walkeny yet...can't I stay human for a little longer,  please? I don't think i'm quite ready to become Christopher Walken. Can't I just stay human for a little longer?"

"There there,'s alright for you to be scared.  Many humans turned Walkens started off being afraid and unsure of whether or not they want to be like this,  but that's all cleared up once they look into our eyes."

"What happens when humans look into your eyes?"

"They become hypnotized and entranced....and all they will fall under our spell...becoming ours to control and to turn into Walkens...and the same shall happen to you.  It is ever so wonderful to see them submit to the Walken way,  becoming less human and more Walken with each step.."

" that case I better get out of here,  because i'm a human and I don't want you to corrupt me and turn me into one of's been nice knowing you,  bye.   I'll see you all later -  maybe in another dream."

He was thinking of trying to escape but one of the Walkens held him tightly with his long elegant arms and hissed softly before looking into his eyes...the eyes of the Walken were a very hypnotic icy blue color...and they gave off a ghostly supernatural glow.   Before he could even think about resisting...his mind began to go blank and he fell into a trance-like state,  as he started growling and hissing and acting Walkeny.

"Now...human...tell us,  what is your name?"

"My name is Christopher..."

"And what are you?"

"I'm a Walken.."

"Of course you are,  you're such a good obedient Walken.  A Good Walken always listens and obeys,  you're a good Walken...aren't you?"

"Yesssss...I am a good obedient Walken."

"You don't care about human things....all you need is blood and cowbell.  Cowbell is very good for a young Walken such as you,   you love can't get enough of it...even if you think you've heard enough...the sound of cowbell is always pulling you closer and closer...enticing you,  soothing you...making you a happy Walken."

"Human things mean nothing to me.  All I need is blood and cowbell.  Cowbell makes me a happy Walken.  And a good Walken is a happy Walken.   I love cowbell,  I can never get enough of it."

"That's right...let all those human troubles melt away,  and let us guide you into the blissful supernatural world of being Walkeny -  can you feel the Walken instincts starting to take over your mind?"

"Aaaawrrrrrr...yessss....I can."

"Those Walken instincts will grow stronger and stronger,  and try as you might to supress them,  they'll always find a new way to emerge and bring the Walken side out...and you know that each time that will feel those Walkeny urges taking over you and make you feel so Walkeny..."

Nathan or rather Christopher as he started calling himself,  snarled and hissed as he nodded his head -  listening to and obeying the words of the other Walkens as their power over him increased,  and the more he listened to their hypnotic suggestions -  the more he could feel his human troubles and his humanity itself...slipping away to become replaced with the Walkeny mindset,  soon it was difficult for him to even think of anything else but singing, acting,  dancing,  and being so happy and Walkeny...he started to moan several times,  but each moan was sounding more like a sort of purry velveteen Walkeny-growl.

He couldn't help it,  the Walken mindset was making him  forget about what being human was fact he was starting to become influenced by the other Walkens and was now thinking he had always been one of them,  he growled and hissed as his stomach burned with a newfound thirst for blood.   It was then that one of the other Walkens reached for his neck and sank his sharpened teeth into it,  causing blood to drip down in small pats from it -  the Walken lapped up the blood with fervor.

It was then he started to change...he could see his skin imperfections fading away as his skin started paling,  becoming ghostly,  vampiric and Walken-like...he could see his furred gloves slowly peeling off his hands as his hands took on a more Walkeny shape with his fingers elongating and his fingernails extending to become sharper.

Feeling his teeth with his tongue,  he could feel them lengthening and sharpening as his canines extended to become akin to fangs while the rest of his teeth developed Hessian Horseman styled points.   He let out a Walkeny growl,  and it was with that -  that the dream ended...this time though,  it looked like it would soon be coming true.

But he still couldn't get that dream out of his mind,  he started moaning in his sleep but each time he moaned...his voice sounded deeper...and very eerie,  instinctively he started muttering the words he had spoken in the dream.

"Morrrre cowbell,  master....rrrr..."

"I see my hypnotic suggestions got into your mind...and influenced your dreams."


Nathan awoke and was startled to see that his Walken icon was alive,  he had to rub his eyes several times just to make sure he was dreaming which he thought he was - but it wasn't a dream,  the Walken icon had escaped from the computer and was now in his room.  He touched the now alive Walken icon,  only to have said Walken icon growl softly at him.   The Walken icon hissed softly as he looked at him.

"Oh...where are my manners?  I forgot to introduce myself...i'm Walken."

"Is this a dream?"

"Actually it's not.  I'm your Christopher Walken icon from your Tumblr account."

"But you're an on earth are you even here?"

"It's a long story but i'll do my best to tell you all of it.  You see,  every night after you go to bed I always try to escape from the computer screen and enter your world...why?  Because I have been reading your posts and I know this sounds insane...even by my standards,  but i'm here to help make those dreams of yours come true."

"You mean you've been reading my comments and posts about wanting to turn into Christopher Walken and all those Imagineyouricon posts I have done about you...and let me guess you just read my one about turning into you?"

"Yeeesss...I have."

"Weelll....I...don't know what to say.   I'm a little embarrassed to admit this,  but yes - I want to be Christopher Walken so badly -  I mean I dream of turning into him constantly -  and I always wake up disappointed to see I am not Walken."

"Don't be embarrassed.   There's nothing to be ashamed of.   It's good that you express interest in wanting to become Walkeny....after all,   it's such a wonderful feeling...and that voice...who wouldn't dream of having that voice?"

"You actually like that?"

"Of course...and you know,  I can make that dream come true."


"I can hypnotize you and turn you into Walken that way..."

"Oooh,  I like that..."

"Oh,  I know that you will definitely love this."
"How does it work?"

The Walken icon turned to Nathan and shushed him,  making soft hissing sounds as he did -  he knew that Nathan loved the idea of being hypnotized and turned into Walken himself as his dreams often indicated.    He closed his eyes,  and his eyes gave off a supernatural glow as his gaze became more hypnotic,  sending him into a trance-like state -  a very blissful trance-like state,  as his mind became completely blank.   All he could think of...was Walken,  all he could think about was...Walken,  all he wanted to do was obey the Walken icon.

It wasn't long until Nathan slowly began to feel his muscles and posture simply slipping,  falling, and making him more and more relaxed by the minute,  he immediately began to rapidly close his eyes and each time he tried to open them,  it got ever so difficult to keep them open - as he kept drifting off more and more.   It was like he was falling ever so deeper into the trance-like state and..drifting off into a beautiful dream-like state of mind.

"It works like this.   Just sit back and relax,  let my Walkeny voice do all the talking.   Feel yourself letting go and becoming more relaxed by the minute...your mind and will are slowly slipping away,  as are all your troubles."

"Oh...feels pleasant and nice,  master."

"That's it...just relax,  lay back...and fall into trance. "

He couldn't help but murmur slightly as his posture and muscles relaxed completely as he sank deeper and deeper into trance,  with the Walken icon's voice guiding him and sending hypnotic suggestions into his mind.  He noticed it was getting much more difficult to resist drifting off or closing his eyes,  breathing in and out as his stress and all his troubles faded away.  To him, it now just felt so good to close his eyes and relax.  As he continued to breath in and out,  he couldn't help but sigh as he listened to the sound of the Walken icon's voice.

"I'm going to help you all the way,  and i'm going to count down from 10 to 1...and with each number,  you will fall ever so deeper into trance.  So entranced in fact,  that whenever I click my fingers and say..sleep,   you will do just that."

"I understand.."

"10...Feeling oh so calm and relaxed,  9..becoming oh so laid back and entranced,  8...all troubles melting away,  7...all of your body is become less tense,  6.. becoming ever more so entranced and serene...5..getting hard for you not to drift off..."


"4...Drifting off even more...3...That's it,  drifting off so calmly...2...Falling deeper and deeper...1,  you're now fullly entranced and ready to fal deeper into trance.  Now...close your eyes, take a deep breath and...sleep."

The Walken icon clicked his fingers as he uttered 'sleep' several times,  sending him deeper still into trance -  making him completely entranced and obedient to his every command,  he now felt so serene and at peace..and yet so blissful and relaxed.   He was easily forgetting everything that wasn't to do with his Walken filled desires.    By this point,  he was already thinking of what being Walken was going to be like...he couldn't help but growl as he did so,   because to just felt so good to let go.

He hissed several times in a soft manner as he became entranced by the process of becoming Walken, him,  it sounded heavenly...because deep down,  he had always felt like he was a lot like Walken himself.   He felt that this was going to be very good for him in that sense, because he was going to become Walken.


"Now...what I am going to tell you is very important.  You must listen very carefully to what I tell you,  now..I want you to forget everything about your old identity and your old life...those are meaningless to you."


"From now are Christopher Walken,  you will only remember being Walken and nothing else...your old identity is meaningless now,   you are have always been Christopher Walken -  and knowing you are Walken...makes you feel good."

"Yesss..master,  I remember nothing else except being Walken."

"You love being so Walkeny and beautiful.   Everyone adores you,  and you know it."

"Being Walkeny and beautiful is wonderful,  master."

"Of course it is.  To you,  it's a wonderful cowbell fueled dream come true.  You are Walken, and you always will be -   you can't imagine being anyone but Walken.  Because that is good, and you are happy being Walken."

"So happy and Walkeny..."

"Yes,  you are.   And you know that there's nobody as Walkeny as you..."

Nathan..or Christopher as he instinctively started to call himself just felt so blissfully entranced and cheerful,   it was as if he was in a constant state of peace as he drifted off more and more,  thinking pure Christopher Walken-like thoughts,  thinking of what it would be like to be so Walkeny and so beautiful.

He growled softly as he instinctively gave in to his more Walkeny desires,  feeling less and less like himself and more like Walken...he couldn't help but think like his interests rapidly shifted from science,  horror and comics to acting, dancing,  singing and being the best Walken he could be.

"Yes,  master...i'm the best at being Walkeny..."

"That's right,  and you know that it makes you very so good to be is such an improvement over what your boring old human identity used to be,  I want you to feel yourself changing...shifting,  morphing...Walkenizing..."


"A warm,  chilling sensation is spreading all over your body as your transformation - is starting to take place.  Starting with your skin,  your skin is becoming paler and paler beginning with the skin on your legs...your legs are elongating as well,  growing longer and thinner - shifting to become Walkeny..."

The warm-chill sensation flowed all through his body as his skintone slowly started to became paler and paler -  starting with the skintone on his legs as his legs elongated and stretched until they became the long,  thin elegant legs of Christopher Walken. He hissed slightly as the sensation flowed through him.

He felt his new Walken legs and growled slightly,  yes...he loved his Walkeny legs and he loved the feeling of the transformation in general,    becoming so enticed as he couldn't help but think such delightful Walkeny thoughts...his instincts were guiding him all the way - and he was loving very much.   His dream was finally coming true,  as he felt his DNA shifting and changing - to that of Walken.

"My Walkeny..."

"Yes,  those legs are perfect for you,  Christopher..."


"Now...that pale skintone is slowly moving up your upper body,  starting with your arms as your arms themselves elongate and shift,  all skin imperfections are slowly vanishing away to never be seen again.   Your arms are becoming so long,  lithe,  and Walkeny...and your hands,  your hands are looking Walkeny are your fingers which are growing longer, and your knuckles are becoming more pronounced."


Looking at his arms,  he could see them elongating and stretching as they became longer and more lithe -  as all skin imperfections visible or not vanished,  never to been seen the process his hands shifted to match his arms,  becoming those of the process his fingers elongated as his knuckles became more pronounced.

The skintone on his new arms became much paler as well,  giving him Christopher Walken's arms as well,   but he didn't mind...he was so blissfully entranced by the process that he was giving in easily to the changes...and the more this happened,  the better he him, becoming Walken was just

"It feels so nice to become Walken...any resistance you once had is now fading away,  as your Walkeny mindset kicks in even don't want to think of anything else but being so Walken-like and are so blissfully entranced that all your human thoughts -  are leaving your Walkeny don't need them anymore. "

"No,  master...I don't."

"Now,  your chest, torso,  stomach and back are slenderizing - as the skintone on them becomes much paler,   your clothing or in this case your pajamas...are simply peeling away,  morphing into something much more fitting for you."

He panted and groaned several times as his chest, torso,  stomach and back slowly slenderized to become more lithe,  as the pale skintone from before crept up them -  now giving him Christopher Walken's build from both waist up and down,    he couldn't help but groan a few more times as his pajamas and nightshorts peeled away before morphing into an elegant outfit that matched his changing appearance,   it was a very stylish black robe with a suit underneath and revealed his much more slender chest and stomach.

The Walken Icon looked at his transforming thrall and smiled,  he knew that he was doing the right thing by making his thrall's dreams and desires come true...and that soon,  he'd have another Christopher Walken to serve him -  of course his new thrall couldn't be any happier,  as he was looking forward to obeying his new master.

"Am I becoming...Walkeny enough for you,  master?"

" are,  but you're still not done,  you may feel like the room you're in is shrinking but in're growing,  growing taller and taller...until you are about 6'ft, which is your proper height.   And that pale skintone is now creeping its way up to your shoulders as your shoulders slim down along with your neck."

He panted several times as he began to feel like the room was getting smaller,  which of course was only a side-effect of this stage of his transformation as he slowly elevated in height to 6'ft,  which was Walken's height -   he hissed as his shoulders slimmed down and the pale skintone crept up them.   He knew this was the right thing,  after all  -  this was exactly what he wanted...this was everything he ever wanted...he didn't care for anything else,  except Walken.

All the while he felt that warm,  chilling sensation flow through his body as his neckline elongated and slenderized,  the skintone on it paling like the rest of his skin - becoming Walken's neck -  he sighed several times in the process -  hissing a couple of times as well, feeling very Walkeny all the while.   Completely relaxed and at peace -  just letting the changes happen all by themselves.


"Yes....that's it Christopher...change...morph,  shift...the changes are now progressing from up your neck-up now,  your hair is slowly prickling up as it turns a sandy brown color,  developing the texture and style of Walken's hair,   your ears are developing pointed tips, the skin on your face is getting very pale.."

"Mmmm...rrr...i'm becoming so beautiful."

He growled several times as his hair slowly prickled up and turned from its normal brownish color to a sandy brownish color as it stood up,  altered,  and developed the texture and style of Walken's hair -  he had Christopher Walken's hair now and it gave him a slightly ticklish feeling,   he chuckled to himself during this part.   He hissed softly,  his Walkeny instincts kicking in even more as it became even more difficult for him to not think of being Walken, he growled softly as he looked up at the Walkeny icon in front of him.

In the process the tips of his ears slowly became pointed in shape as his face lost all its regular skintone and paled,  becoming as pale as the rest of his skin -  now,  all of his skintone was that of Walken,   and he was perfectly fine with it -  after all,  it was a very pleasant and relaxing experience.   He just let his resistance and his will slowly slip away - he didn't need them,  all he needed was to serve Walken...and to be so blissfully Walkeny.

"That's right,   you ARE beautiful -  because you're Christopher Walken.  And everyone loves Walken, look at your face,   your face is morphing and changing -  starting with your brow,   your eyebrows are thinning and turning sandy brown,   your forehead is elevating itself higher up,   your eyes now...are turning from their normal color to an icy shade of they become narrower,  spreading out and becoming slightly have the eyes of Walken now. "


"Any traces of your old self are simply fading away and vanishing...leaving your mind as your mind begins to Walkenize...filling up with Walken's thoughts and memories,   you are Christopher Walken and you always have can't remember being anything but being Walken.  You can't imagine what it would have been to not be Walken...because you're Walken,  and you're perfectly okay being him..."

He breathed in and out as his forehead slowly elevated itself higher up,   in the process his eyebrows thinned a little and turned sandy brown to match his hair,  he panted and growled several times as the transformation progressed on his face.   In the process he could feel his mind drastically changing,  altering to match his changing appearance.

In a matter of seconds he was feeling good all over as he started getting memories/visions,  memories of being in over 100+ movies with a variety of people including the late Robin Williams,   any traces of 'Nathan'...were slowly a fading dream,   instead...the memories of Walken himself were replacing them,   and altering his thoughts.   Yes...he was thinking like Walken as well,  and yet he was perfectly fine with that.

His eyes shifted in shape as they turned from brown to icy blue,  spreading out as they became narrower and slightly sunken -  giving him Walken's signature eyes as well,  he growled slightly as the changes progressed further.   His senses heightening as his mind filled with such delightfully Walkeny thoughts.   It seemed that now...'Nathan'  was now nearly completely gone...and Christopher was taking over.

"'s all coming back..."

"It feels good to become Walken doesn't it?  Don't you love being Walkeny?"

"Oh master.."

"Now...feel the rest of your face shifting and changing,  your nose altering to look exactly like Walken's nose,  your lips thinning and curving into a crescentian shape as the tips become pointed,   in the process your jaw-line is becoming more angular - as your chin begins to narrow a bit,  your cheekbones become more pronounced as your cheeks sink in..."

"Mmmm...feels good..."

He touched his face as he felt it begin to morph and reshape,   his nose altering in shape and size until it was Walken's nose,   in the process his lips thinned and curved into a crescentian shape as the tips became pointed,   his expression slowly curving itself into a menacing icy grimace as his cheekbones sharpened to become more pronounced -  while his cheeks began to sink in a bit,   his chin narrowed as his jaw-line altered to become more angular.

From what he could tell,  he was looking a LOT more like his Walken icon...yes,  he was now half Walken-like in appearance in terms of his face and yet...he was fine with this,  after his Walkeny mind...he was already feeling like he had always been Walken,  and deep down -  he knew that this was what he wanted.   And what he wanted...was to be Walken, it just felt so natural to give in to his Walken instincts.

The Walken Icon hissed slightly in satisfaction -  he knew that it wouldn't be long until Christopher would emerge in his full Walkeny glory -  and that it would be a most glorious occasion indeed -  and one he'd definitely be proud of.   Looking at his now almost fully Walkenized thrall,  he pulled him a little bit closer as he got ready...for the next and final stages of the transformation his thrall was going through.

"That's it...give feels good to give in to the Walken mindset,  Christopher...after's such a wonderful state of mind to get lost in.  So intriguing and wonderful,  that it's impossible to resist getting lost in it.   By now you thoughts are already Walkenizing,  you have all of Walken's thoughts and memories now."

"Yessss..master...I am Walken."

"Of course you are...and now...your face is completing its transformation as your facial structure is altering to become more brachy/mesoian/dolichokephalian,  as your features morph and reshape themselves into those of Walken..."

"Mmmm....mmm...feels so very nice,  master..."

"And now you'll find...that your voice is also changing...becoming lower,  deeper,  and develop a rougher high baritone pitch that makes you sound haunting,  distinctive,  interesting,  and's a voice that both enchants people and scares them at the same time...such a beautiful haunting voice it is.   Very silky and entrancing,  with a New York accent and a rather...interesting set of mannerisms,  it's the voice of Walken."

He groaned slightly as his facial structure morphed and reshaped itself to become more brachy/mesoian/dolichokephalian  in shape while his features finished morphing and reshaping,  his face in general completing morphing into the face of Christopher Walken, he growled several times as he licked his lips.

As he growled,  he could hear his voice altering as it deepened and lowered,  developing a silky high-baritone style and a haunting yet alluring tone with a very entrancing and silky voice and a New York accent and a very Walkeny set of the time his voice had finished changing...he had the voice of Walken to match his appearance.
With one last surge of mental changes...the transformation finalized and the human that was once known as Nathan was no longer there...that is if he ever was there to begin with,  in the place of him now...was Christopher Walken.   Or rather Chris Walken,  that he thought was a most fitting name indeed.  His Walkeny instincts took over as he bowed to his new master,  feeling so glad that his dreams had finally come true.

"Thank you,  master..."

"You're welcome Chris.  Now that you're Christopher Walken,  you have no need for trivial human things and all your human troubles are now completely fact you can probably already that your thoughts are a LOT more Walkeny now,   you have thoughts about singing,  dancing and acting.  And it makes you happy.   You can't wait to break out into a dance number. "

"Dancing makes me feel really good,  master."

"You'll also find that the sound of cowbell both excites you and entrances you -  even if it's just a small sample...or if someone says the word cowbell, you'll become instantly entranced by it and instinctively you will ask for more cowbell...because that's what Walken does...and you are Walken and you know that cowbell is good for you."

"Good for me,  master?"

"Yes...good for you,  good FOR YOU."

"I like that master..."

"And you'll find that if you wish to morph into human can...easily and effortlessly and you also know that you can become Walken any time you want.  And even though most normal people will see you as your human self during the day,  at night they'll see you as what you really Walken."

"Well of course they'll see me as Walken...I am Walken."

"That's right,  and you know deep down in your heart that you are Walken.  When you look in the mirror,  you'll see Walken looking back at you,  when you look away from the mirror-  you'll see you have Walken's shadow.   And every night...when you're done being in your human will turn into Walken once again."

"I turn into this form at night,  master?"

"Yes...and each and every night,  when you're done being will become Walken again and each night I will beckon you to my side and reward you for being such a good hypnotic subject,  thrall and of course a most excellent Christopher Walken."

"So is there a name for ones like me then?  Like I a Were-Walken then?"

"You could say that.   Oh and you'll also find that you won't need human food and drink in order to keep up your strength,'ll develop a taste for a vampire and you will find yourself hunting for human to bite and drain the blood of."

"Blood does sound tasty,  master..."

"And the best part about this can turn others into Walkens as well,  and have your own army -  of course you're the're the alpha Walken and you're the most beautiful of all of them."


" do you feel?"

"Very Walkeny,  master."

"Now...when a human asks you who you are...what are you going to tell them?"

"If a human asks me who I am I will tell them that I am Walken,  always have been and always will be...and proud to be Walkeny...Walken and proud.   I am Christopher Walken and I am proud to be Walken."

"That's right..."

"What do we do now,  master?"

"We do what good Walkens always do..and hunt... I bet you're feeling pretty thirsty right about now,   I bet you're thinking of hunting for some good human blood to feast on and some humans to hypnotize.."

"Yes.  I am."

"Well..then...let's hunt together."

The new Chris Walken nodded as his fingernails lengthened and sharpened to become akin to claws while his teeth lengthened and sharpened,   his canines extending to become akin to vampiric fangs while the rest of his teeth became Hessian-like and pointed.   He hissed as his stomach growled with a thirst for blood...he wanted blood...and he wanted lots of it,  and cowbell too -  lots of cowbell.  

With that -  the Walken icon who was now his master took him by the hand and the two Christopher Walkens turned into shadowy forms and slinked off into the night to go and hunt for humans to bite and hypnotize.   Now it was time for the best night in the history of nights...the night of the Walkens.

As for the new Christopher Walken,  he was now happier than he had ever been before in his life now that he had become who he had always wanted to be...all of his human troubles completely gone.   The human that used to be where he is now -  is no more...there is only Walken and he was perfectly fine with that.   After all,  he's Walken...and there's no one like Walken -  because he's the most Walkeny of all.

Whenever you hear the sound of cowbell or see the moon turn blood'll know that Walken is coming and he might be coming after you...maybe he'll bite you and turn you into a Walken as well.   Don't be afraid of him though,   after all -  it's just Walken.   If you ever do get bitten by one of those's best to give in and accept that you'll become a thrall to his Walkenness eventually.

Jooooooin us,  human....become Walkeny like'll love it oh so much.  Jooooin us,  jooooooooin us,  become will feel oh so good once you do.  Join the ranks of your fellow Walkens...become like Christopher Walken.  Jooooooin us.

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Walken Infection

TftW:  Walken Infection.
Christopher Walken TF/Hypnosis theme.
There was no denying it,  Nathan was falling more and more under the spell of Christopher Walken, each time he fell asleep -  he dreamed he was with Walken,  but it was more than that...he was also dreaming  that he was turning into him,  it was slowly but surely taking over him as the transformations happened.   And the more they happened...the less human he fact each time it happened,  the more he began to view humans as 'prey'  or 'potential victims' to be turned...and the more he felt that he didn't belong with them...the power Walken had over him increasing with each passing night,  and by the time he would even consider doing something about was already too late to do anything about it...for this was only the beginning.

Like a virus,   Walken is infectious and once it starts spreading around,   the more difficult it is to stop it from infecting you or anyone else.   And there are numerous reasons and causes for this to spread,  but the most common is if you are sired or turned by another Walken.   Now what kind of monster is a Walken you ask?

A 'Walken' is basically akin to a classic horror movie styled vampire -  well with a twist...a rather Christopher Walkeny twist at that...and they're known for being a Boogieman type figure in monster folklore...humans often tell stories about them to scare others into behaving.    Actually Walkens are in the same family as vampires,  only they are a more unique breed than most.

And guess who was likely to be one of them or become one of them?  That's right - Nathan was,  if the dreams were any indication...he was soon going to be one of them,  perhaps given his relationship with the real Walken himself -  he was going to take after him and be an alpha.    A couple of hours later after he had his dream,  he awoke to find a couple of bite-marks on his neck,   he let out a yawn -  but the yawn itself..sounded like a gentle growling sound -  he didn't know what was going on or why he just 'growled' like that...but he had a hunch it had something to do with those dreams.

Just then he heard what sounded like an ominous but oddly hypnotic voice,   the voice was also very familiar to him,  very distinctive -  with a New York accent,  and a very low,  haunting and eerie set of speech mannerisms and a very...hypnotic tone to go with it.   Listening closely,  he could instantly tell who was talking to him.


"Yes,  my young thrall...I am here."

"But...this can't be..."

"Oh,  but it is..."

"What's going on here?  Is this part of the strange dreams i've been having?"

"Ah yes...the dreams...the visions."


"The reason I am here is because those dreams weren't dreams...those were visions,  they were real...and each one is an indication of what your destiny is to be.  You..are destined to me."

"You mean...I have been visions of morphing into you and enjoying them?  But how?"

"Because...I am the one that has been there the whole time... I am the original Walken and I am the one that gave you that bitemark you have on your neck, you see...I bit you one night while you were asleep..dreaming sweet dreams."

"You're the one who bit me?   But why?"

"Because...well... I knew it was only a matter of time until you would fall under my spell. Oh yes,  I can see it now. You falling ever so softly into a trance while your mind fades away into a much darker place."

"What do you mean?"

"As the original Walken...I can turn any human I desire into a Walken or She-Hessian...and if that human is one of the lucky few...they may become just like me...and guess who that lucky human is.."

"Wait...are you saying that i'm the lucky human who you've chosen to turn into a
'Walken',  like you?"


"Wow...that's quite an honor,  but why me of all people?  Clearly I am not worthy of joining your ranks."

"'ve always been my willing Walkeny thrall.  All those times you were searching for me in your were searching for me because I am...your master,  and your developing Walkeny instincts were telling you to follow me and to find that we can be united."

"You're my...m-m-master?"

"Why yes,  I am...remember that first blood moonlight night?  And how entranced you were by it...and how much it reminded you of blood...and how you had that hunger and thirst deep down for it?"

"Why yes...actually."

"Remember when you tasted blood for the first time and how you couldn't get enough?"


"It's been a long time since then...and're officially going to turn...soon,  all you'll want to do is obey me and be so blissfully Walkeny...all those pesky things that bothered you as a human will no longer bother you as much,  and you'll soon forget ever being human in the first place."

"I'm going to become like you?  Is there a cure for this?"

"It's too late now...for once you have caught my Walkeny virus and have been bitten,  the more difficult it becomes for you to try and fight it...or to prevent it...even as I speak,  the mental and physical effects are starting to take over already."

"I....don't think i'm ready for this...I...I..I...gotta have more cowbell!"

Reacting in shock at what he just said,  he covered his mouth with his hand...he couldn't believe the words that just escaped out of his mouth...he couldn't believe he just said he wanted more cowbell,  and yet...he really did say that.   His developing Walkeny instincts were starting to show...and he couldn't help it.    And was becoming more evident,  he was finding it hard to was Walken's voice intoning in his head.

"Ah,  those are the Walkeny instincts taking over alright...try to deny it all you like,  but you know that it's getting harder to control them...sometimes,  you just can't help but to give into that Walkeny instinct of yours."

"But...did I really just say I want more cowbell?"

"Oh yes, you did.  Your Walkeny instincts know that they want cowbell,  face it - the sweet,  melodic sound of cowbell enticing you even more...following you wherever you go and it's calling Walken..."

"I didn't say wasn't me."

"Try and deny it all you want,  my cowbell-crazed friend...but you know that those Walkeny instincts are slowly taking over you...and the more they take over you,   the less human you start to feel...and the more Walkeny you become."

"But i'm human...i've always been..."

"Or really?  Well how about now?"


Just as he was about to reply,   the blinds suddenly blew open as if by supernatural magic to reveal the moon,  it was blood red -  just like it was on the very first night -   all of a sudden, it became difficult for him to think straight...he was starting to feel so very,  very,  thirsty...thirsty for blood.   He couldn't think properly...all he could think about was blood,  precious delicious blood...and cowbell.

It was as if his human thoughts and traits were being slowly overtaken by a more bloodthirsty cowbell crazed set of instincts and traits...something less than human...something akin to Walken, his human thoughts were fading rapidly as well, he no longer even could consider ever being human to begin fact..he was starting to feel like he belonged to the night and to the blood red moon and to a child of the night.  

Instinctively he started to growl and then bow before Walken, developing admiration for his 'master' and being ever so obedient. He was starting to give in to the developing Walkeny instincts,  and he didn't mind fact...he was already starting to think like a Walken.

"Now...what are you?"

"A Walken...master...a very Walkeny Walken..."

"Of course you've always been a Walken...and you like being Walkeny..."

"Yes master,   i've always been a Walken..."

"That's don't ever recall being a human..."

"Human?  No...I'm a Walken,  and i'm so happy being a Walken..."

"Ever since I first visited you in your visions...I have been calling you towards me -  and you have been searching for me.   After all -  every Walken needs a master...and I am yours,  you are MY Walken."

"I am yours...master."

"Of course you are,  and you're such a good,  loyal,  obedient Walken.."


His willpower was slowly but surely slipping away and all he could think about was serving his new master and being so obedient and loyal and also...of being a perfectly obedient Walken and taking after Walken himself.    Now...he was definitely thinking more like a Walken than a human,  and yet...he didn't mind...he was so blissfully entranced.

It was always so easy for him to be hypnotized and turned by Walken -  his master,  because deep down he always felt like he should have been a creature of the night and could relate to him on that,  in the visions he had it always was a soothing and relaxing process - and of course Walken was like a father figure and mentor to him.

Walken of course always had that hypnotic effect on humans due to him being the original Walken and all but he had always had that connection with Nathan,  after all -  Walkens have the power to manipulate dreams and give their victims dreams of becoming a fellow Walken or She-Hessian.   But Walken's connection to him was something special.

It seemed that he had chosen Nathan to be what was known in Walken terms as an Alpha
Walken,  why? To serve as an apprentice of course. this was a rare occurrence that only happened to a few lucky subjects.    But in a way this kind of made sense considering how much prior to this Nathan had studied Walkenology and vampirism.   He had always been that much closer to Walkenity...but now there was no denying it -  he was going to be just like Walken himself.

"That's right...and since I have chosen are going to be my apprentice."

"An apprentice,  master?"

"Why yes...a fine alpha Walken much like myself,  I shall raise you and train you to be as vampiric and alluring as me.   And just as Walkeny."

"But master...I don't look Walkeny...I look human,  that's not good for a Walken."

"Oh,   but you will."

"I should be as beautiful as you."

"And you will...relax..."

Without hesitation,   he decided to let Walken wield his Walken magic on him and to let him influence him -  after all,  he was soon-going-to-be a Walken himself and he knew that he would become just as beautiful as his master.    It was already becoming so hard for him to imagine being anything but a good,  loyal,  obedient alpha Walken.

He instinctively growled in admiration for his master as his Walkeny instincts started kicking in,  his appetite drastically shifting to a more bloodthirsty human drinks would no longer suffice,  no -  this young alpha Walken deserved something better.   He wanted blood, real blood...human blood to be exact.  

His stomach growled as it burned with thirst..he hissed slightly as he started licking his lips at the thought of tasting human blood -  such delicious blood it was -  all that blood that was good for a young Walken like was good for him,  good FOR HIM.  Instinctively he started licking up the remaining drops of blood from where he was bitten, tasted delicious...he growled happily as he did so.

It was then that his transformation started to happen,  he could feel a warm chilling sensation going through his entire body,   and he could see skin imperfections slowly fading away as his skintone slowly began to pale,  becoming almost vampiric as his arms elongated and thinned while his fingers grew longer,   his hands drastically shifting until they looked more like Walken's hands.    He growled as he let the changes happen,  knowing that fighting the transformation would be a bad thing to do.  

He started writhing a bit in his nightshirt and pants as they slowly were being drained out and peeling away,   but in the process they melded together and morphed into an elegant black regal outfit with a Hessian motif and a spider insignia on the front - which he rather liked.  He recognized the spider insignia,  it was the same that was on his royal coat of arms which was very suitable for him in many ways.

Arching his back slightly,  he could see and feel it slenderize along with his chest,  stomach and torso...the pale skintone fully creeping upwards as his legs slenderized to make him more agile,  in the process the urge to break out into dance numbers took hold of of many Walkeny instincts he has developing.

His legs were also pale and rapidly shifting to become Walken-like as well,   he growled a few more times as supernatural energy jolted through his entire body -  enhancing his strength and agility to inhuman levels,  as his senses heightened.   Just then he heard a series of stretching sounds as he slowly elevated in height to 6'ft...which was Walken's height.

Feeling both his shoulders and neckline become more slender in build,  he let out another growl as the changes progressed -  this time it happened from the neck up as his hair slowly began to prickle up a bit as it turned a sandy brown color,  developing the style and texture of Walken's hair as his ears pointed a little bit.   His face slowly paled to match the rest of his face as his forehead elevated itself higher up,   his eyebrows thinning themselves out a bit and turning sandy brown as his eyes turned from hazel to icy blue with green inner rings as they spread out,  narrowing and become slightly sunken.

He felt a more bloodthirsty and obedient mindset taking over him as new thoughts and memories came into existence,  memories of being a wonderful and hypnotic actor with a knack for playing scary characters and for also being a good dancer...a great one in fact,  he was even starting to have visions of a young woman named Lilian...the woman was one who he swore must have been a lover for his master in a past life.   Mentally he continued shifting until he felt more and more like a Walken than a human.

He could feel his face starting to morph and alter forever as his nose altered until it resembled Walken's nose,  in the process his lips slowly thinned a little before curving into crescentian shape with pointed tips,   his cheekbones sharpened to become more pronounciated as his cheeks became sunken,   his jaw-line shifted to become angular as his chin narrowed out and his features Walkenized to match the rest of his changed he was not only feeling Walkeny...but looking Walkeny as well.

Feeling a grumbling in his throat,  he took a few deep breaths which made his voice change and grow deeper and more haunting with each breath,  warping and altering his normal voice into something much more fitting of this new appearance...a voice that was menacing, alluring,  and powerful...a voice that hypnotize people...the voice of Christopher Walken...his normal speech patterns and mannerisms changing to match,  altering to become well...Walken-like.   He couldn't help but let out a few low Walkeny growls as his voice finished changing,  his voice...was now that of Walken as well - complete with the speech patterns,  vocal tone and the accent.

His new Walkeny instincts took over completely as he growled in satisfaction and his personality shifted to become like Walken's....and from what he could tell,  there was no Nathan anymore...only Walken.   The new Walken,  looking and sounding like his new master,   growled softly.   All traces of humanity completely vanished...replaced with Walkeninity.   Yes...he had completely morphed and transformed into Christopher Walken himself.

"Welcome to the Walken's apprentice,  tell me...what is your name?"

"Why,  my name is Christopher but humans call me Chris."

"That's right...and what are you?"

"A Walken.  An obedient,  hypnotic,  loyal Walken who loves his master very much."

"And do you like being a Walken?"

"Oh yesssss...I love it."

"Good,   because you'll be becoming this form every night from now on and with each will get more powerful as a Walken...and you'll love it,  because you'll get to hypnotize many humans."

"I get to hypnotize humans with my supernatural Walkeny powers?  That is so wonderful,  master...and I can't wait to try my new powers."

"Any human who gazes into the eyes of a Walken will fall into a trance-like state and be filled with the newfound desire to obey everything the Walken tells them to do,  even if that means obtaining blood for said Walken...and more than that...they'll develop Walkeny instincts and traits and start thinking they are Walkens themselves.."

"And they'll turn?"

"Oh yes...those humans will turn -  into beautiful alluring Walkens capable of serving their new master while female humans will become She-Hessians who the Walken will respect and adore for all eternity."

"Does Walkenization hurt?"

"Only if the human resists or tries to fight it..."

"Now that's silly,  master.   Why would a human try to fight the process of being turned into a Walken?   After all...I'm pretty sure they would love to be a Walken like us and especially considering how much they adore you."

"Humans are silly in general...and they are scared of us.  But luckily,  you can assume a human-like form to disguise your Walkenishness,   and you can turn into any role that i've played in my movies."

"Ooooh....I like that."

"As you should.  Being a Walken is an honor and a blessing.   Now... are you ready to put your Walkeninity and hunting prowess to the test?"


"Good,  but before we do so...we must have a change of scenery...look at how dreary and boring this place you're living in is."

Walken used his supernatural powers to change Chris's room into a fantastic gothic palace fit for a dark prince along with a wonderful throne-room and den for him and future Walkens/She-Hessians to spend the night.   Chris growled happily and hugged his new master,  he loved his new palace.

He let out a roar as he underwent a few more final changes -  as his fingernails lengthened and sharpened and his teeth slowly underwent the same process with his canines extending to become fangs while the rest of his teeth developed sharp Hessian-like points,   he hissed as he licked his lips at the thought of hunting for human blood.   Now he was fully a Walken and he was ready to hunt for his favorite master.    

With that,   Walken and his new apprentice began their hunt for human blood and for victims to be turned into  Walkens/She-Hessians.   Now fully identifying himself as a Walken and also as Christopher Walken,   the new Walken was extremely pleased with what he had done and proud to be what he was.  

As for what happened to him later,   he grew to be a strong and fierce young Walken in his own right and formed his own Walken army in a matter of weeks,   his new bloodlust took a while to get used to but he didn't into such thoughts made him glad to be Walkeny.     He later befriended a human named Jon who was a fan of Walken also and knew a lot about Walkens,  and he formed a strong relationship with him as well as with the real Walken himself...his master.

That,  my dear friends is the tale of how the Walken saga you know and love came into existence and how the Walken persona that is beloved on DA's own forums also came into being as well,   now he roams the night as a Walken always on the prowl for human blood like any good vampiric being should.  

Remember,   like I said earlier...Walken is like a virus and is very infectious,  for once you've gotten the Walken virus in your blood and in you...there's no stopping it,  and even when you think you can stop it in will already be too late for you by then,  as slowly but surely you'll be losing the battle against the Walken and become a Walken or She-Hessian too -  soon you won't be able to help but feel Walkeny.

And even if you think you're safe from might have to check again,  because you might already be infected and are turning as we speak.    After all,  there's no escaping Walken and once he's got you under his power,   there's no way to stop it or prevent it from infecting others as well.

Someone you know could in fact be a Walken...some very close to you,  even someone you love...even Your Humble Narrator here could really be a Walken.   Good thing there's no such thing as Walkens,  right?

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Thursday, 30 April 2015

WTF Is This?

I'm sorry, I was willing to give this a chance but now I have lost all faith in this. I don't like how this is going at all. Kenny Ortega really was the wrong choice to direct this also...I don't like how the villains look like they stepped out of a bad cosplay photoshoot. Are the villain offspring supposed to look like they shop at Hot Topic or are bad X-Men cosplayers? Is this a Disney Villain offspring group or a Young Ones tribute act?   I KNEW that Disney's Descendants was going to suck...and it looks that way.   I'm sorry,   I tried to give it a chance...I really did,  but that trailer just says everything I need to ever need to know.

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From Dusk Till Dawn Review

From Dusk Till Dawn Review
By Monstermaster13
Hello my beloved children of the night,  it is I,  your beloved monstermaster and I have returned, if you're wondering about the other review I an working on -  let's just say it's probably the last time a certain British comedian showed his face before leading a 'revolution',  but enough about that - it's time for me to take you back to a time where vampires were actually awesome.   That time being 1996, and the movie in question...From Dusk Till Dawn.

I know I already talked about this movie during Halloween last year,  but....I thought it would be an awesone idea to talk about this movie in full,  of course everybody I know has seen this movie so I am not going to go over the whole plot,   but I am going to go over why I think this movie is awesome.     For starters, this is how I think a vampire movie should be,  it is scary and intense but also exotic and intriguing!   It's become one of my personal favorites,  so much so I am becoming obsessed with it -  i'm even starting to dream about it, you could say that in my dreams I am a regular at the Titty Twister, no i'm not a vampire yet,  but I feel I might become one very soon.  I even have a fan-made Grimm Wesen based on the vampires in  this movie!

I love how this movie is different than your typical run-of-the-mill horror flick,  it starts off as a typical Tarantino-esque crime caper only for it to become a kickass horror movie in the second half!  It took me by surprise!   Kudos to Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino for their teamwork here.  

This movie is one no horror fan should be without,  as it is an absolute must for horror movie fans,  vampire movies,  and badass movies in general. It's movies like this and Bram Stoker's Dracula that make me wish i was a vampire myself,   I just have a thing for bloodthirsty monster types and monster-girls.  It's also movies like this and Sleepy Hollow that make me wish I was the one being bitten or kissed like that.   The same goes for Bram Stoker's Dracula, and you can't fault me for the latter because the Hessian in Sleepy Hollow is Christopher Walken and when Walken is on screen you don't question anything and just let Walken do the rest!

Also you cannot fault me for wanting to get bitten by Santanico Pandemonium because Salma Hayek is a motherfucking goddess,   and i'd gladly surrender to her and be her willing slave anytime.  Hey! It was that sexy dance that did it for me.  

That sexy dance scene.... by the way is...still impressive even to this day, even more impressive considering Salma Hayek is afraid of snakes and had to be hypnotized in order to overcome her fear.  I'd let her bite me anyday! I'd let her bite me anyday! And you can quote me on that! Santanico,  I LOOOOOVE you!  Let me be your personal vampire slave!  Please?

I  know it's wrong but let's just say I was extremely jealous of Richie, sure he was a psychopath,  but he was a lucky psychopath.   There's so many characters in this movie to love, including the Gecko brothers,  the Fullers,  Sheriff Earl,  Frost,  Razor Charlie but I think my personal favorite is this guy here.  Sex Machine.   This man is one badass mamajamma.  Just look at him.  How many people do you know that have a crotch-gun?  No one.

This guy is AWESOME!  I wanna hang out with him! One of the best scenes and also one of the funniest moments comes in the scene where we see Sex Machine transforming bit by bit into a vampire,  it just cracks me up -  especially when he covers his mouth after his fangs start forming,  and his right hand changes to become all monster-like with long claw-like fingernails and then his left hand changes and then he hides his hands behind his back.  And he's completely unaware of it at first as is everyone else.  It's got my two favorite kind of TFs (transformations) in them -  the 'Bit By Bit' variety where a person changes one part at a time,  and the 'Completely Unaware He/She is Transforming' kind where the transformee doesn't realize he/she is transforming.  It's no wonder Aardman paid tribute to this scene in Curse Of The Wererabbit.

If you listen closely you can hear the acid rock version of Star Spangled Banner playing during the part with the demonic voice telling him to 'kill them all'.   It definitely works, and makes the scene more eerie in tone.  Gotta love seeing Sex Machine transform like that!

Ooooh,  someone's been bitten! Sex Machine...why are you hiding your hands behind your back like that? Sex Machine? Are you okay? You've been acting a little bit out of it recently.   Why are you hiding your hands behind your back?

What moment moved me to tears?  I'll tell ya.

It has to be when Richie dies,  I know he's a psychopath - but that moment made me cry a little.  *sobs* Richie's gone? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well,  he'll come back.. but here's the slight hiccup, he won't be human anymore and he'll probably be after your blood,  Seth - just a head's up.

As for the funniest moment?

Like I mentioned earlier,  it was the scene with Sex Machine transforming into a vampire, oh and Frost's reaction to being bitten by him as well, funny as hell and one of my personal favorite scenes.  (Frost: He fuckin' bit me! FUCKIN' BIT ME) That scene cracked me up to no end!

Do you know what scene got my heart-racing?  Well it's an easy one!

It's when Santanico saw the blood dripping from Richie's hand and she turned into her vampire form,  and when everyone started turning into vampires. *gasps* Why didn't you guys tell me you were all vampires? That is fucking awesome! I want to be a vampire too! Can I be one too? Can one of you guys bite me?  PUHLEEEEEEASE?

TGWTG's resident vampiress Maven of The Eventide talked about the hunting strategy of these vamps in her review,   comparing their methods to the Venus Flytrap and the female Anglerfish and I rightfully agree.    And yes,  I said FEMALE Anglerfish -  because most of the Anglers you see are in fact female,   all of the male ones are well...puny.   The female anglerfish is bioluminicent because she uses a lure (a light at the end of a rod protruding from their heads,  which are called illicums and extend over their eyes)  to lure her would be prey over to her -  once the prey is in sight,  she closes her jaw and she snaps up her prey.

It  is a pretty awesome movie and it is also incredibly badass,   especially with the action and crime elements,    the vamps are very intimidating and also intriguing.   Not to mention the ever alluring Salma Hayek as the vampiress Santanico Pandemonium, in fact quite hypnotic.   I'll admit that the vampire with the snapping mouth on her stomach is a bit much, but  why  quibble?

Fun fact: The color of the vampires blood is green because the MPAA has issues with it being red, they have absolutely no problem with blood - but they don't like it because it's red. It was indeed Tarantino's idea to give the vampires green blood to avoid the film from getting a rating higher than R and to get it past the censors.

If you love vampires,  watching this will bring you nothing but pure joy as this movie is amazing and it doesn't take itself too seriously.   It's just plain fun and a must watch for fans of vampire movies.     I rate it out ten out of ten and give it two monstrous clawed thumbs up,  if you haven't seen it -  watch it right away.    I wish the Titty Twister was real, then I would visit that place all the time!  I don't care if I would most likely end up as a blood-soaked meal for those vamps,  I would totally visit that bar on a regular basis!

Yes,  there were sequels and there is a tv series spin-off,   but I will be getting to those later on,   i'm Monstermaster13 and this has been my review of From Dusk Till Dawn,  now if you excuse me I feel like hanging out with my new friends at the Titty Twister! Will I become a vampire?  Who knows? Maybe I will.

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TftW: The Laughing Woman.

TftW: The Laughing Woman

Werehyena TF

NOTE:  This is a creepypasta inspired story involving a different take on Werecreatures,  mainly ones from various cultures.


This is the tale of a strange woman that resides in the insane asylum,  a woman who always seems to be smiling,  and always seems to be cheerful and happy.   She’s not insane - well at least not in the mental sense.

But she is peculiar,  her name is Marie Anne Mousette and she claims that at one point in her life that she was a queen or a priestess.    Some say that Mousette from Blues Brothers 2000 was based on her.

She believed in mysticism and shamanism,  and she was a firm believer in the occult - which is why she was locked in the asylum to begin with.   They believed she might end up causing harm to others.

The truth of the matter was that they sent her there because she was one of many ‘Supernaturals’ that could shapeshift.    In fact she was a werecreature,  a very rare and quite dangerous werehyena.

This is why she was often dubbed ‘the Laughing Woman’,  because the last thing they would hear before she made her escape attempts was a series of maniacal cackles and laughing sounds echoing through the halls.

But the night they found this out,  turned out to be their very last.   That night the security crew at the asylum were investigating the hallways in search of any explanation as to what was going on -  but when they got to Marie’s  cell  -  they had found it was empty.

“It’s empty?”

“That can only mean one thing.”

“Ahahahaha!  Hahahha!”

“She’s escaped!”

The security officers listened,  as they did -  they could hear her maniacal laughter echoing throughout the halls.   This was followed by the sound of screams and animalistic snarls, as if a wild animal had just run loose.

The officers followed the sounds,  getting ever so closerand closer to where they were coming from,   until they arrived at a passageway.    The passageway was long, winding and dark - but with several piercing animal-like eyes glowing through the darkest corners.

They could still hear the maniacal laughter,  echoing through the passageway -  as the darkness began to fade,  revealing a doorway - the doorway opened up,  leading over to the outside of the asylum.

“Ahahahaha!  Muwahaha!”

“It’s the laughter from before...she must be here somewhere!”


A large feral Hyena-like creature leaped down with inhuman agility before morphing back into its human form,   which of course was Marie.  Marie gave a sly smile in the direction of the officers, before walking on over to them.

“Hello boys.”

“Marie!  What are you doing here?”

“Just getting a late night snack.”

“But you’re supposed to be in your cell.”

“Why did you lock me in that cell to begin with?”

“Because of your werecreature powers,  we feared that you would become too dangerous for us to handle.”

“Is that it?  Do you fear I could become potentially dangerous if I were to let my werecreature side out?”

“Possibly...we’re not sure.  But there is one way to find out.”

“You don’t mean..”

“Come with us please!”


She snarled and as she did,  she lunged at the two of them  -  her teeth sharpening in the process as her eyes turned a golden yellow.

The two officers backed away in fright,  it was exactly what they feared -  the werehyena side of her was about to come out.

Her straitjacket dress was slowly straining and beginning to tear away,  her bones snapping and cracking as she moaned a multitude of times,  her voice deepening and becoming gruffer in the process.

Slowly but surely  -  amber coloured fur slowly sprouted all over her body as her straitjacket dress slowly ripped apart,   her hands shifted and changed shape to become paw-like as her fingernails grew longer and sharper.

Her feet also shifted and changed shape,  becoming paw-like as well,   her toenails lengthening and sharpening as her straitjacket dress ripped away,   her breasts expanding and becoming larger as she increased in terms of muscle mass.

The remaining parts of her straightjacket fell off as a bushy hyena-like tail grew out and unfurled itself,   she elevated in height to 6’3 and her hair grew longer and more wild looking,  spots becoming more visible on her fur.

Her ears shifted to the top of her head and became like those of a hyena as her eyes turned the golden yellow colour from before and gave off an eerie supernatural glow,  her expression was curving slightly and contorting into a wicked smile.

In the process she started to laugh hysterically or rather - maniacally,  as the fur crept up her neck and on her face,   her eyebrows thickened and arched,  her nose turned black and hardened as her teeth lengthened and sharpened.

Her jaw-line became more pronounced as the strength of it increased,   her face stretching as it pushed out into a very strong and well defined muzzle,   her voice growing deeper and more bestial as her laughter became more maniacal,  this time sounding more hyena-like in the process.

The two officers stood there frozen in fear as they saw Marie,   now in her werehyena form ready - as she let out another maniacal laugh of terror.

“Please...we didn’t mean to…”

“You’re both too late.  You let her out and now you have to live with her!”

“We’ll do anything, please...don’t hurt us.”

“Oh,  I won’t hurt you - just yet.”

“What do you mean,  just yet?”

“Well I would hate to do it on an empty stomach.   Now if you excuse me,  i’m going to go and catch up with my soon-to-be-snack! Buwahahaha!”

With that she jetted off into the night with inhuman agility to go and hunt,  using her heightened senses to guide her to her soon-to-be-prey and it wasn’t long until she caught up with it and made a quick meal out of it.

As for what happened later,  it is said that she still prowls the streets on nights like this in search for her prey and she will stop at nothing in order to get it.   They say, you can still hear her laughter echoing no matter where you go - she’s always there.

Remember,   sometimes those who may have been diagnosed with clinical lycanthropy may not be insane after all  -  maybe they might really be werecreatures and by that I mean they really ARE werecreatures and you might end up being their prey.

Beware the Laughing Woman,  for those who cross her path -  shall end up meeting their doom and paying the price.

TftW: Monstrous Mirrors

TftW: Monstrous Mirrors
There once was a user by the name of IggleeMckree,  he loved to make wisecracks about this one user named DemonMeiser18 -  calling all of his monster creations nothing but Fetish Fuel and overly-fetishising everything.    DemonMeiser18 was not as bad as the afforementioned user claimed he was -  far from it,   he was a nice guy -  it was just he got a bad reputation from being bullied OL by people like Igglee, who just didn't know that you shouldn't ask a horror writer if they're joking.

One night Damon aka DemonMeiser18 was working on his recent recasting -  a version of FNAF using Stephen King characters when he got another insulting comment from Igglee, who was acting even more jerkish than usual,  which was usually very typical of him - as there was only one mode for people like Iggleee - Jerk/Asshole.

"A Stephen King version of an overrated game franchise?  Lame."

"I suppose you think you could do better,  right?"


"Typical arrogant troll behavior."

"But i'm not trolling..."

"Oh yes you are..."

"That wasn't me,  that was my imaginary friend."

"Unlikely.   If said friend was making you do evil things like that,  they'd be an imaginary fiend..everyone knows that!"

" do you know that?"

"I had one when I was 8,  it was a soul-sucking demon prince whose soul had possessed me at the time.   I'm in my thirties now and it still happens."

"You're in your thirties?"


"And you talk about how you were possessed by your 'imaginary fiend' side as a kid?"


"I just read through the comment and I gotta say...this has to be some kind of joke!"

"No joking here dear boy,   all of my stories about demon encounters are based on my own personal experiences -  with some slight exaggeration of course."

"But...but...were-celebrities?  Body snatchers?   Aliens?  Really?"

"It's all in cheesy,  b-movie inspired fun."

"This is all too much..."

"Oh?   Then you probably won't like this story."


"I've got a new story up."

"What?  What is it about?"

"It's about someone just"



Igglee checked on Damon's page and then clicked on the story,   the story of an arrogant young man who claimed he wasn't afraid of anything going to a carnival run by monsters thinking it was all a joke,   only for him to wind up in a room full of mirrors akin to a hall of mirrors.      Just as he started to read the story ,  the whole background started to change -  slowly morphing into a very fanciful gothic carnival setting.

He walked around the carnival with a rather cocky and arrogant expression on his face,  of course like the dumb main character in the story he thought this was all a joke  - but little did he know that it was all real.    He walked over to the carnival's mysterious ring-master/owner,  who was a man dressed all in black.

"Ha!  Nice carnival,  weirdo!"

"Thank you..I trust that you enjoyed it."

"Enjoyed it?   Ha!  I hated it,  there weren't any real monsters at all,   it was fake as all hell."

"Fake?   My dear boy,   what you see here is all real."

"Real,  my ass...those monsters were just people in make-up,  I could tell."

"Makeup?  Oh no,  I think you'll find that these monsters are indeed real."

"This has to be some kind of joke!"

"Do I look like i'm joking?"

The ring-master smirked as his facial features morphed and distorted,  becoming demonic as two long curved horns slowly grew out of the top of his head,    the color of his eyes shifted to a demonic shade of red as his teeth sharpened and his brow thickened and became more monster-like.    

"H-How did you do that?"

"I told ya,   it's all real."

"But...but...I thought it was fake."

" THOUGHT it was fake,  but you know it's real."

"I thought this was all a joke..."

"Oh no,  dear child....this place is no joke."

"You mean they're,  scary monsters?"

"Indeed so."

"Uh oh...I think I may have made a big mistake!"

"Big?  I think you mean a HUGE mistake,  my friend."

"Uh oh..."

"But since you seem so eager to know about how all this is done,  how about you go over to the mirror room over there?"

Igglee felt unsure of this at first,  but he acted twice as brave this time around as he ran over to the mirror room and took a peek inside,   there were all kinds of monsters depicted in the reflections of the mirrors,  including a were-lion,   a vampiress,  a couple of exotic nagin,  a were-owl,   a plutarkian-like fish monster,   a were-skunk,  an Audrey II-like plant monster, a skeletal warrior,   several zombies,  a Killer Klown,  a succubus and even a few Critters and Gremlins.    

But the most startling monster reflection was his own -  gazing at his own reflection in the largest of the mirrors -   he saw a large,   menacing beast that had the body of a gorilla,  the horns of a ram,   the  wings of a vulture,    large bear-like paws for feet and hands,  a bushy vulpine tail,   boar-like tusks sticking out of its lower jaw,    feral leopard-like eyes and a thick pair of owl-like 'eyebrows'.

"Is THAT me?"

"It certainly is..."

"I don't understand.."

"The mirrors here all show you what you're like on the inside."


"Didn't you read the story at all?"

"I started reading it and getting up to this part...but I didn't get to this yet.."

"Well,  you're about to find out what happens."

"But I thought this was all a joke."

"That's the problem with you humans,  everything is a joke to you."

"I thought it was..."

"What we monsters do is no joke,'s serious monster business."

"I didn't mean to...I'm sorry."

"I'm afraid apologies are no good around these parts."


"For your arrogant behavior and disrespect towards the fellow monsters of this here carnival,    you will pay the price."

"I'm sorry..."



"Silence!  The mirror has sealed your fate!"

"I'm going to become Fetish Fuel for your bizarre monster fetish?"

"Shame on you,  boy!   Watch your language next time,  will ya?"




Igglee was about to protest but something stopped him from doing so,  it was his shirt which was rapidly getting tighter and tighter due to his body slowly beginning to bulk up,  gaining both muscle and fat as his arms,  chest and torso swelled.    With a loud rip his shirt tore apart to reveal his body which was swelling in build to look like that of a gorilla.

In the process his gloves slowly tore off his hands,  as his hands swelled,  stretched and contorted into a pair of large ursine paws with claws taking the place of his fingernails, his whole body was also slowly beginning to be covered in thick messy,  dirty dark greyish fur starting with his hands,  chest,  belly, torso and arms.

He panicked as he watched himself transform -  he was now starting to regret the things he said about the ring-master and the monsters at the carnival,   he was now wishing he had apologized for starting this whole mess but it was too late for him now.  

Groaning and grunting,  he felt tremendous waves of pain jolting through his body as the changes progressed,   his back swelled as it too developed muscle mass and two large vulture-like wings grew out of it.   In the process it was slowly but surely covered thick in the same fur from earlier.

"W-W-W-What's happening?"

"'re becoming what you truly are on the inside..."

"I'm not a monster...i'm not a monster..."

"Oh,  but you are!  Just look at yourself!"


He cried and sobbed,  trying to will the pain away but it was no use,   the transformation just kept getting more and more horrifying -   there was another ripping sound that could be heard as a bushy vulpine tail slowly pushed his way out of the back of his pants -  tearing the back of them to shreds as his rapidly expanding body tore the front half off.

He shuddered in horror as his shoes and socks slowly ripped open to reveal his feet,  which were rapidly swelling and altering -  shifting from human feet into ursine paw-like ones to match his hands,   with a loud thud -  he collapsed on the ground and fell on all fours.

His hair extended,  growing longer and messier as it became a messy semi-leonine mane that extended past his shoulders while his neck thickened,   fur slowly creeping up it and on his face,  making him look like he was turning into a yeti or a Teen Wolf styled werewolf.

There was a throbbing sensation in his forehead,  which was due to two bumps forming on his temples -  the bumps hardened,  stretched and contorted -  becoming a pair of long, curved, ram-like horns.

His brow thickened a little as his eyebrows fused into a more owl-like pair of eyebrows,  his ears slowly moved up to the top of his head and shifted to become pointier and almost lupine-like.   His eyes turned from brown to a piercing greenish color with the pupils becoming slitted as his eyes altered to resemble those of a jaguar.

In the process -  his face slowly started to alter and deform,  slowly but surely altering to become more monstrous in appearance as it slowly stretched outwards -  pushing out to form a beastly muzzle as his teeth sharpened to feral points.   From his bottom jaw...he could see two slightly boar-like tusks slowly poking out of his bottom lip.

He tried crying out for forgiveness but it was too late for him now -  soon,   he wouldn't even be able to speak as his voice slowly grew deeper and gruffer before altering to become bestial and almost inhuman,   his groans and screams of agony and torment being replaced by animalistic roars and growls.

His mind filled with all kinds of savage animal-like instincts as his transformation completed, the annoying young man that was once there from before -  was no more,  instead they were was a large,  imposing chimera-like beast.    The Ringmaster stepped over to the transformed Igglee and placed a collar on his neck.

"I told ya that we don't joke around here,  boy...too bad you didn't listen.  Oh,  if only you listened...then you wouldn't be in this mess."

With that the Ringmaster took the now beastified Igglee and walked off,  but not before putting him inside the Hall Of Monsters as part of the display.    Making Igglee famous and well-respected by the monster community.

As for our friend Damon/DemonMeiser18,   he continued to weave his monstrous magic wherever he went -  earning himself new admirers and sticking it to his haters,  after all - he's a monster of his word.     Igglee became famous for being the infamous Chimera-Man in the Hall Of Monsters and he made new monster friends.

Remember,   when dealing with horror writers -  NEVER ever ask them if what they are doing is a joke,   for when it comes to the supernatural -  these people do NOT joke around at all, not by any means.    Monsters never joke around at all either,   they take their business and jobs seriously.    Remember that next time or you might just find out the hard way.