Monday, 9 November 2015

Babutant KWG

Babutant KWG is an overgrown Garbage Pail Kids inspired monster who is known for his bizarre behavior and attitude problems which are due to the fact that even though he's an adult monster,  he still acts childish and has problems accepting defeat of any kind and he doesn't like losing.

He serves as a warped and twisted CWC parody in terms of his behavior and the world he inhabits,  he is also inspired by Bobo and Lil Debul from the movie Nothing But Trouble as well as by Garbage Pail Kids,   he's a mostly unclean monster and doesn't bathe or shower, he prefers to use his own musk.

He's not outright evil,  but his childish nature makes him think that even those who are trying to help him are evil or are trying to hurt him,  he doesn't get along with humans and prefers to interact with fellow monsters.

As mentioned above,   Babutant looks like an overgrown Garbage Pail Kid wearing a red and white striped shirt,  blue jean shorts and a headband with what appear to be hedgehog or mouse ears,   he weighs about 240lbs if not heavier and has very oily skin with several pimples and warts on them,  in addition to this he has short brown hair and a very unclean look about him.   This is due to him not bathing or showering and preferring his own musk, he does have a much appealing form though in the form of a Sonic style anthro hedgehog but he uses that form for combat.

One thing you should know about him is that he always wears a medallion that has a creature that looks like a cross between a sonic styled hedgehog and an anthro pikachu on it,  which is the creature he often has a sidekick.

He's not outright evil,   but his childish and stubborn nature makes it so he thinks that even those who are trying to help him are evil or are trying to hurt him,  he is very melodramatic and has a terrible temper,  he's also  incredibly immature and moronic at times.   He also hates losing and doesn't like it when people don't play along with his little games.

His bad attitude makes him very difficult to feel sorry for or to get along with due to how whiny and insistent he is,  he also tends to change the rules of each game every few seconds to constantly annoy whatever opponent he is up against.   It also makes it difficult to take him seriously as a legit threat because of stuff like this.  
Of course,  towards fellow monsters he is actually more accepting of their terms and conditions when it comes to playing and actually does play fair when playing against them, it's just against humans that his true nature shows itself and it's not pretty.

He can control all forms of grime,  dirt and muck.  He can also create Pikachu or sonic inspired creatures out of slime or mud and have them act as golem types,  he can also turn himself into a Sonic styled hedgehog form with a toxic/poison motif which he uses as his more appealing form.  He can also travel to a multitude of different dimensions and convert them to match the homeworld he originates from,  which is a backwater town setting filled with dirt and grime and is inhabited by Garbage Pail Kid inspired mutants,   sonic inspired hedgehog-like creatures,  or grotesque mutant Pokemon.

It is also shown he can produce slime and has poison glands like certain types of frogs/toads have,   his slime can be used to not only entomb his opponents but also mutate them into either mutated Pokemon,  sonic inspired hedgehogs or Garbage Pailesque mutants.

When you first see him,  chances are he'll be in his Sonic inspired hedgehog form or he'll be hiding inside a garbage can of sorts.   The reason he's in his Sonic inspired hedgehog form is to appear more appealing than he actually is.   If anyone comes near the garbage can,  he'll pull them down into it and through a dimensional gateway that leads to his world.

As mentioned above,  his world is a grotesque,  grimy backwater town that is inhabited by several different types of mutated creatures including  Sonic inspired hedgehog mutants,  garbage pail-esque mutants,   mutated Pokemon,  and slime monsters.   Once they've arrived at his homeworld,  he'll get them to play games with him,  but he'll always tell them that there are certain rules he uses for these games and that if they don't follow said rules, he'll put them in his 'humiliation' field.

The humiliation field is where he humiliates them by covering them in dirt and makes them smell everything that it's in the town including the mutant inhabitants,  and if it gets particularly bad -  he makes them serve his pikachu-like monster friends as sidekicks or lackeys.  He'll also subject them to his slime treatments if they don't play along.

The thing is though about his games,  he'll often change the rules so it makes it very difficult for the players to keep up without messing up.   After they have 'completed' his games so to speak,  he'll weaken them with his poison gland and then use his slime to entomb them in a slime or mud mold that is shaped like a garbage can,  a  Pokemon or a Sonic-esque hedgehog creature.   He'll then pour slime down into said mold and leave the player inside the slime/mud  mold for a few hours....within the course of hours,  the slime/mud mold sets like Plaster Paris and the player is slowly turned into either a mutated hedgehog creature,  a grotesque Garbage Pail-esque mutant,  or a mutated Pokemon of some kind.

Those very special ones will get made into a mutated hedgehog/anthro Pikachu hybrid like his own sidekick and will have a slime/toxin theme,  design and motif,   these ones serve as mutant companions who will aid him in making the world as disgusting as possible.

His childish and stubborn nature makes it so he thinks that even those who are trying to help him are evil or are trying to hurt him,  he is very melodramatic and has a terrible temper,  he's also  incredibly immature and moronic at times.   He also hates losing and
doesn't like it when people don't play along with his little games.

In addition to this his bad attitude makes him very difficult to feel sorry for or to get along with due to how whiny and insistent he is,  he also tends to change the rules of each game every few seconds to constantly annoy whatever opponent he is up against.   It also makes it difficult to take him seriously as a legit threat because of stuff like this.  

He is known for his bizarre behavior and attitude problems which are due to the fact that even though he's an adult monster,  he still acts childish and has problems accepting defeat of any kind and he doesn't like losing.  Often changing the rules and obstacles of each game he sets up just to make sure he doesn't lose.
Being a grime-based monster,  water based attacks are all what is needed to weaken him and keep him at bay,  also...his poisonous gland has no effect on cybernetic beings,  demi-gods, demon types,  and types that are immune to poison.  Most water attacks used against him are elemental.

Enough splashes of said water based attacks slow him down and make him slowly but surely melt in varying ways,  but a strong enough tidal wave of a water attack is good enough to not only slow him down but also weaken him to the point that the melting increases...which is what leads to his defeat,  once hit by a tidal wave level water attack the melting process will increase even more and he'll slowly but surely melt away until he is nothing but a puddle of mud/slime with a hedgehog headband sticking out.
If he's not defeated,  he just retreats back to his garbage can and stays there for a while - maybe waiting for someone else to come near it and to see if they're foolish enough to try and open it up.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Slow Internet Problem.

Okay...who's the jackass who keeps hogging all the internet?   Because I have some choice words to say to them.  Sorry for the little rant but I absolutely LOATHE slow internet days and if they don't ease up on the streaming or whatever they're doing i'm going to go all Hessian Horseman on them.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Playing With Knives

Playing With Knives  -  the Danny Trejo transformation guide.

Before you all read this,  i’d like to inform those who are new to transformation guides that is a mostly satirical series that shows how to do a TF of my character for RPing purposes or’s not to be taken seriously.


There's no way to really explain how this one came to be,  I guess it started with me doing a story about my character becoming the character Machete from Machete/Machete Kills and then..suddenly...a case of Trejo Fever infected me soon after,   to the point it's now become a recurring element in my dreams like with my Walken ones.   In which my character has been turning into Trejo or a character he played.   So I thought...why not do a TF guides episode on this very subject?

Before hand,  i'd like to teach you about our subject...Danny Trejo is an American actor of Mexican descent,  he is the cousin to director  Robert Rodriguez and he has been in over 250 movies.  Trejo used to be a criminal himself before becoming an actor and it is said that the reason he plays villains is to teach younger audiences that if you do evil things you die or go to prison.

I guess that the movie that got the Trejo-ness jolting through my veins to happen was Machete...and since then he's become a second fixture of my recent dreams and my muse next to Chris Walken.    Now this will basically follow the storylines in said dreams,  using my character as the transformee.

The basic premise involves me as my character and his transformation into Trejo via various supernatural means as indicated in the stories i've written regarding this, of course now they seem more prophetic. If you are new to this,  don't you worry. I'll guide you through the whole thing and tell you how the process goes,   so sit back and i'll show you the ways of Trejo.

Stage 1:  Birth Of An Anti-Hero.

Our Trejo-centric journey of transformation starts here,  with the personality and mindset of Trejo himself starting to take over me in a manner akin to the mental attributes of the much earlier Christopher Walken process,   throughout this I will be in character as my character becoming Danny Trejo.

For this part I will be developing the mental attributes of Trejo as well as a bit of his personality and taking on traits of his characters like becoming skilled with knives since his characters are all skilled at using knives,   in the process I became a lot stronger mentally and physically and start thinking like Trejo himself or his characters.

This basically involves hypnosis in the same way as the Walken process only in a slightly different manner as I can hear Trejo's voice telepathically speaking to me in my mind, this is pretty much a normal thing - as this actually happens in the stories as well, so it's not that out of the ordinary.

With each breath I go deeper into trance and take on more and more of Trejo's attributes mentally until I start to feel that I am him or have been him,   this is a mental aspect of the process that is similar to the one in the Walken process.    It is also during this process in which I feel bloodlust,  fury and power surging through my veins and jolting through my body...which once this is done will lead to the next part of the process.

Stage 2:  Muscles Galore

This is second part of the transformation process and where the Trejo-formation actually begins to take place in a physical sense,   it will start with my shirt feeling unnaturally tight due to my chest and torso slowly starting to swell,  develop and expand as they gain muscle mass along with my arms,   indicated by my triceps,  deltoids and biceps bulking up in terms of muscle.     Buttons slowly ping off my shirt as my muscular chest and torso push against it,  causing the material to strain and stretch until it rips apart to reveal my more muscular body.

In the process my skintone slowly starts to roughen and gruffen,  becoming more rugged and rough looking as it tattoos and scars become visible on it,   the most noticeable tattoo will be one of a woman wearing a sombrero...that one will be adorning my new chest as it is Danny's signature tattoo.

Also during this you'll see my hands growing slightly larger and a bit more muscular as pair of black fingerless gloves form on them,  replacing my usual gloves -  by this point,  I am becoming more enticed by my changes and am already starting to feel like I am him or have been him this whole time.

Like I mentioned earlier,   this is a nod to the mental aspects of the Walken transformation and it is done in the exact same manner using a similar method,  only in a slightly different variation.    It is generally a very relaxing,  soothing and empowering process and once this part is done we'll move onto stage 3.

Stage 3:  Hispanic Fury.

For this third part of the transformation,   the next part to gain muscle mass will be my back as it develops a fine set of muscle mass,   at this point I pretty much now have Trejo's signature rugged,  gruff,  scarred skintone  on my upperbody,  arms and my hands as well as my legs -   in the process my legs develop a bit of muscle mass as well.   In the process my nightpants alter and change to a more slightly western looking pair while a pair of black leathery western boots envelope my feet.

Although Trejo himself is roughly at 5'5 or 5'6,   I will stay roughly at the same height but at this point will be weighing 165lbs of pure muscle,  as more of his traits and characteristics begin to influence me and guide me.   The fury and bloodlust are steadily increasing as they course through my body.

In the process...I begin to get a full understanding of what it's like to be him or any of the tough guy characters he plays,   this is where I begin to take on several more mannerisms and traits of his,   once again allowing the mental aspects of the process to guide me throughout the whole thing. Thinking more and more like him as the process continues,  getting me even deeper still into trance while making me more focused.

At this point I now have his rather muscular build at least from the upperbody up as well as his signature gruff,  grizzled skintone with scars and in other-words.. I am definitely starting to resemble him a bit more at this point,  you'll notice the changes right away..okay,  maybe you won't...since the changes are  very subtle.    Once this part is done we'll move onto stage 4.

Stage 4: Machete And You.

For the fourth part of the transformation process,   this involves my shoulders and neck gaining muscle to go with my new muscular frame,   this fully gives me Trejo's build as well as his skintone which is of course rugged and riddled with scars,   after all...a man like him has seen many battles.

My hair starts slowly darkening,  at first turning a darker shade of brown as it extends and grows longer,   then developing black it grows longer still,   and finally blackening completely as it grows to shoulder length.  Trejo often has long haired styled back into a ponytail so you might sometimes see my hair style change to a ponytail.

The Trejo-like mannerisms,  traits and characteristics are beginning to take over full force as everything prior to the actual transformation becomes a complete blur,   and I start embracing my changes even more.  Becoming fully accepting of the process of becoming who I am...and that person I am becoming is of course Trejo.

Once this is done we'll move on the fifth stage of the process which will focus primarily on both the mental and physical aspects of the transformation,   in particular the mental aspect in addition to the physical side.

Stage 5:  Machete Morphs.

This is probably the most important part of the process as it focuses on my face altering,  the rugged and gruff Trejo skintone develops gradually on my face as my eyebrows blacken and arch as my forehead and brow become more pronounced,   in the process my eyes turn a much darker shade of brown as they become slightly narrower but giving me a more dangerous look at the same time.

In the process my nose widens a bit in shape as facial scars paint themselves on my face,  in turn making my face look a lot more rugged and Trejo-like as my facial features slowly but surely morph to resemble his.    Take note here,  as Trejo's rugged,  scarred face is part of his unique look.  And the facial changes are very subtle and gradual.

You'll surely notice how rugged and heavily linned my face looks at this point,  so much so that you'd be probably thinking that you're seeing Trejo himself looking at you...which is a normal thing mind you,  at this point I am already thinking and acting like Trejo and am accepting the changes.

As I have mentioned earlier,   everything prior to the transformation becomes a complete blur and I am very accepting of the transformation -  as this is sort of my destiny really,  all the dreams i've been having as of this week are leading up to it.  My facial features gruffen and harshen to look more like Trejo,  as traces of a long,  thin black mustache start sprouting above my upper lip.

Most if not all of Trejo's mannerisms and personality traits at this point have already taken over and are guiding me throughout the entire process,   don't be afraid though.. for even though he plays a lot of anti-heroes and bad guys,   he says it's because he is teaching audiences that if you do bad things you die or go to prison.

Once this part of the transformation is done we'll move onto the final part and the aftermath,  where we will be discussing what happens during the final stage of the transformation and what happens after it is done.   The latter will include a From Dusk Till Dawn,  Machete/Machete Kills or Grindhouse storyline.


This is the final part of the transformation,  and this is where you'll no longer be able to tell if it's fact you might even think you're seeing double once you see my face finalizing the morphing process and fully resembling Trejo's own face complete with iconic Badass Mustache,   scars,  and the gruff and heavily linned skintone.    That's right,   you're looking at a near complete Danny Trejo.

But there is one thing missing....that will shortly be fixed as my voice deepens and gruffens, developing into Trejo's signature gruff,  growly,   badass and imposing voice and tone as well as his Mexican accent and Eastern LA style. So you'll be pretty much hearing me speak in his voice from this point and I know you probably will get a little bit frightened by this...but it's okay,  i'm not evil.

You'll see my facial expression contort into a very menacing grimace/pseudo-snarl as Trejo's personality,  mannerisms and mindset take over completely,   now I know you may be frightened of me after this process is finished but I assure you that Trejo is not evil,  he plays bad guys all the time to teach people that in real life if you do bad deeds you die or go to prison,  so in a way...he's telling us that crime doesn't pay.

Once this final part of the transformation is done...the full mental and physical process of becoming Trejo is complete and I am fully turned into him,  as the process comes to a see Trejo himself before you.   Now that it has reached the completion point,  I am now Trejo himself and I am fully accepting of it and the responsibility that comes with it, ready to do the best I can to help in anyway.


This is the aftermath of the Danny Trejo transformation process and where i'll talk about what happens to me next. Now would be a good time to tell you that it usually never ends well if the character Trejo plays is a bad guy type,   because like in real life the villain dies.  And Trejo's record for deaths in movies is staggering.   Trejo himself has explained that this is the very reason he plays villains,  it is to teach people that if you do wrong-doings you either get killed or sent to prison.  

Despite playing such gruff and intimidating characters,   he's genuinely nice in real life and friendly as well, so don't be afraid of me when i'm being him.   I know it may seem a bit out of the ordinary seeing this badass Hispanic legend sleeping in my bed but you are definitely going to get used to it.  Another thing I should note is that Trejo plays characters who are skilled with using knives and have knife/blade related names,  which come into play during certain aspects of this process.

There is going to be an ongoing storyline of sorts involving this which may tie in to the From Dusk Till Dawn storyline or maybe a Machete/Machete Kills inspired storyline which will take place and continue even after when you're gone.   In a way,   like the Walken transformation process it is prophetic,  considering the dreams i've had as of recent in which i've been turning into him.

At this point,   the entire process has completed and I am now Danny Trejo. Of course it is uncertain if I stay as Danny Trejo or if I morph back to myself,   for in my stories that feature my character becoming him -  he usually stays as Trejo for the remaining parts of the story leading up to the ending.  So i'm guessing it will be like that for the rest of this.

Now that the entire process is finished,  I am now ready to partake in the aforementioned storylines and to carry on from where you finished off,   going on a little Grindhouse or Machete inspired mission of my own which will probably be inspired by Machete/Machete Kills,   and follow the storyarc of those movies.

I hope that you all will enjoy reading this as much as I did writing this,   and I will be seeing you all later for more installments in this particular storyline...maybe you'll run into me as Trejo there,   or maybe you'll see me as my From Dusk Till Dawn vampire form.   Who knows?   Only time will tell.   This is Monstermaster13,   reminding you out there to be cool,  everybody be cool, cool.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

TftW: The Walkening.

TftW: The Walkening.

This is a sequel to my Walken TF story 'The Were-Walken'  and takes place after the events of the story,    this also uses the Virus method as well as has vampirism related themes -  this uses elements from various vampire movies.   It is also advised you read the Walkenization scene and the mind-control scene with Walken's voice intoning in my character's head in Christopher Walken's voice...all of his lines when he's in Walken form should be read in Walken's should do this part of the notes section.   But be warned,  once you've started reading won't be able to stop.

The Lost Boys:  The same rules that apply to vampires in the movie also apply to the Walkens in this story and also the vampire rules are brought up as well.
From Dusk Till Dawn:  Similar to FDTD,  this story uses The Virus method of having people being bitten and turned into Walkens in a similar manner,    also...Nathan trying to hide his transformation into Chris from the human characters is like how Sex Machine tries to hide his transformation from the others.

Creatures in this story:  Walkens -  a race of vampiric beings with hypnotic powers and a lust for blood and cowbell,  they are known for being boogieman types in folkloric stories humans tell to scare other humans who behave badly into behaving properly,   this species gets its name from the fact males of this species look and sound like the real Christopher Walken.   Females are vampiress/warrior-women types known as She-Hessians - both genders have hypnotic powers,  inhuman strength and agility,  heightened senses,  hypnotic blue eyes and sharpened teeth and fingernails.   A Walken leader is known in their circles as an alpha.
It had been 8 months since Dr Nathan Forester had been turned into his vampiric,  bloodsucking Walkeny alter-ego under the light of the blood moon,  but yet he couldn't remember anything prior to the actual transformation and conditioning itself, on the night of August 5th 2015,   that's when he had the dream.  That night as he slept,  he dreamed he was recording an audio diary about what had happened to him the night when he went full on Walken.

"I didn't know what came over me,   but it just felt good for some reason...I wanted to resist,  but just felt naturally for me to give in and turn into my Walkeny alter-ego like that and to be so hypnotic and beautiful.."

"Hey! What's this?"

Stopping the recording ,  he looked out of the window to see someone watching him from the front yard of his apartment -  that someone was a friend of his,  and that friend had been listening in for quite a while.

"Joel...what the hell are you doing here?"

"Listening in on you and your secret."

"I don't know what you're talking about.."

"I heard all about you turning into Christopher Walken."

"What?  Me?   But i'm not Walken...i'm a human like you."

"Oh?  Then explain said in your audio diary that you couldn't help but give in because the transformation felt natural to you,  and that you could feel your 'Walken' instincts taking control of you."

"I couldn't help it really..."

"So you are him though?"

"Yes...but only at night."

"I bet you shifted to your human form to hide it from me."

"I really wish we could continue this conversation...but...i'm not well,  so maybe next time,  okay? Because i'm really not feeling well,  i've got some...uhhh..horrible life-threatening disease or something and I am worried it might be contagious,  so i'd like it if you'd kindly leave before I end up giving it to you by accident."

"Oh,  I get're trying to hide your secret from me,  Walken."

Nathan panicked slightly before closing the door shut completely and sealing the windows shut as well,  now that Joel had caught onto his secret... he had to be careful and make sure that no one else would know about his Walkeny alter-ego.   And to do that,  he had to keep himself from giving in to those Walkeny instincts...but with each passing night,  it was getting more and more difficult for him to resist.   He couldn't let anyone know that he was the Walken that had been sighted on the night of January 26th 2015.  

"Please...leave,  i've got some horrible disease and I don't want you to catch it."

"Oh,  I get ya Walken...have a craving for more cowbell,  do you?"

"'s not what I meant...aaarrrgh."

Just then he started going off into a trance-like state and he instinctively let out a low hypnotic growl before snapping out of it and covering his mouth,  knowing that this was about to get uncomfortable for him,  he decided to have a lay down.   But just as he was about to rest for the night,  Joel started video-calling him trying to get him to transform,  but he hung up on him and laid himself down...but just as he was about to lay down for a good night's rest,   the full blood red moon rose from behind the clouds.

His right hand started to shake as it started transforming,  the skintone on it paling and becoming almost vampiric as his hand altered...becoming...more Walkeny than human, his fingers growing longer as his knuckles became more pronounced,  his fingernails extending and sharpening to become akin to claws,   pulling back the sleeves on his nightshirt he could the same pale skintone creeping up his arm as well,  as the skin imperfections on it slowly faded away.    He panicked slightly as he tried to hide his transformed hand,  covering it behind his duvet before his eyes turned an icy blue color and gave off a supernatural glow.

Soon - he found himself giving in to the more bloodthirsty instincts of his alter-ego and he awoke to go and hunt down Joel...once he hunted down Joel,  his teeth sharpened as he bit him on the nape of his neck...he growled slightly before darting off. That was where the dream ended.

Nathan awoke from the dream to find something really shocking...on the local news,  a report of a 'Walken' attack/sighting and of several people being turned into 'Walkens' was being aired.   He remembered a similar news report that aired on the nights of January 27th and all the way through March.

"Good evening...i'm Louis Ammerton and this is Darlene O'Donnelly.  As you know,  our town has once again experienced a close encounter of the Walkeny kind...and as you can see..blood is being spilled constantly here."

"That's right Louis,  we're here in Downtown Oakendale where the Walken has once again been sighted,  and there seems to be more than one.   Tons of vampiric Christopher Walkens have been popping up everywhere,  just like on January 26th of this very year.   These Walkens seem to have an appetite for human blood."

"We advise all people watching at home to keep yourselves safe from this onslaught.   We still haven't found out who the elusive Walken is and why he is turning people but it could be anyone."

Joel and the others were making a barricade to keep out the Walkens when Nathan made his way over to where they were,   he looked at them for a few seconds before politely going over to them and asking:

"Excuse me guys...but what are you building over there?  Some kind of bonfire?"

"Actually,  we're trying to keep out the 'Walken' and his newly turned army of Walkens."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well...the Walken has been sighted yet again and this time...he's brought his friends along....a whole army of them,  sharp pointed teeth and all. And they're after us..we better be careful out there.  We don't want the Walkens getting in."

"You guys don't really believe that stupid Walken nonsense,  do you?"

"Nathan...this isn't's real,  we've all seen him."

"Yeah right,  in your dreams."

"Nice try Nathan,  but we all know you know enough about the Walken to help us here - i've been told you're a Walkenologist and have dealt with these creatures personally, so I think you should be able to help us - knowing that you know so much about Walkens and all."

"Well...yeah I do,  but I don't think it's a good idea."


"Because..well,   the Walken might be able to find you more easily."

"There's no way that Walken is getting in."

"Actually -  like vampires,  Walkens cannot come into your house unless you invite them. Then again...if a Walken came into my house i'd probably invite him anyway, because why the hell not?"

"Of course you would know're probably one of them."

"What?  Me?  I'm not a Walken,  i'm a human...believe me."

He was starting to get a bit uneasy,  he backed away a few times before the back door was opened by another one of Nathan's friends -  Ricky,   Ricky looked like he had gotten into something quite frightful.   It had seemed that he had encountered several Walkens and yet he hadn't been bitten.

"What's going on here? I keep seeing Christopher Walken everywhere."

"I'll tell you what's going on here. We've got a bunch of Walkens out there trying to get in here and suck our fucking blood.  That's it.  Plain and simple.  I don't want to hear anything about 'I don't believe in Walkens' because I don't fucking believe in Walkens but I believe in my own two eyes and what I saw is fucking Walkens."

"But I thought this barricade was supposed to keep them out."

"Looks like one of them must have gotten in."

Looking even more uneasy than ever, he decided to make a dash for it to make sure that he didn't arouse suspicion within the group of friends. At this rate, it was getting hard for him to hide his Walkeny secret from them. He was about to make another dash for it when the blood red full moon appeared from behind the clouds and he started feeling...not quite like himself.

"Nathan?  Are you okay?"


"You're acting a bit weirder than usual."

"I just don't feel too well..."

"But you were fine earlier..."

"Must be a bug that's going around."

"If you say least you're not one of those Walkens..."

Ricky's friend Thomas approached the center of the room and reminiscing and having a Nam flashback moment, and that's when it started happening. Just as he was listening to the story, all of the sound in the background was drained out completely and he could hear a cover of Don't Fear The Reaper playing in his head...along with a familiar voice, the low, haunting, hypnotic intoning voice of Christopher Walken himself.

"Look at those humans...they don't suspect a thing.  They're too busy trying to keep my army out,  not knowing that you -  my friend are one of them and that any could let your true Walkeny form out and make quick work out of them."

"Chris...what are you doing here?"

"I think you know damn well what i'm doing here..."

"Look,  if this is about that Walken sighting,  I had nothing to do with it."

"Oh,  but you did...after're my Walken....Christopher."

"My name is not Christopher,  it's Nathan.."

"Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?"

"The night your Walkeny side emerged...the night of January 26th."

"Well...I...guess so,  but I don't remember much."

"Oh?  But surely you remember being hypnotized and turned...and being ever so blissfully entranced as your humanity faded and your Walkeny side slowly took over were so Walkeny.."

"I know...but..."

"They don't know that you are the Walken...and how much you enjoyed it when you turned...and how much you loved being so Walkeny...all that blood and cowbell - all those hypnotic powers...your ability to control a whole Walken army...."

"I know but that's why i'm trying to hide it from them."

"But why hide it from them?  Are you afraid they will kill you?"

"Well yes..."

"But Christopher,   you are the hunter here...they're your prey,  remember?"

"Prey?  No...they're my friends...I wouldn't..."

"Oh but you would,   you're such a fierce and bloodthirsty Walken..."

"I'm not a Walken,  i'm human..."

"You won't be for long...just relax and listen to my voice."

"Oh no you don't."

"And why not?"

"I'm not going to go Walken here -  my friends are watching!"

"Shhhh...relax and obey."

Even though Walken wasn't anywhere to be found,  he could still sense his presence...he could hear Walken calling to him with his hypnotic signature voice,  beckoning him,  intoning inside his mind - sending hypnotic suggestions into his mind.  He tried to block them out, but Walken quickly out-powered him.

As he was hearing these suggestions intone in his mind,   his teeth slowly started to lengthen and sharpen as his canines extended to become akin to fangs,  while the rest of his teeth developed sharp points and became Hessian-like,  he covered his mouth with his right hand only for the skin on it to turn pale as his hand shifted to become Walken-like,  in the process his fingers extended in length to become longer as his knuckles became more pronounced and his fingernails extended and sharpened...he covered it up with his left hand,  but it only succeeded in having his left hand change as well.    His brief transformation wore off for a while and he morphed back to normal before trying to shake off the effects of the trance.

"I won't let you do this."

"Oh...but you know you love it,   you love being love the Walken side..."


"Oh yes you do,   you love being Walkeny..."

"Not now..."

"Oh,  but look at those humans...I bet you're thinking that their blood would taste delicious...I bet you'd love to bite them...they'd make great Walkens too. Let's bite them and turn them all into Walkens.."

"No,  those people are my friends."

"Friends?  They look more like prey to me."

"Leave them alone,  Walken."

He panted several times as he tried to prevent his transformation into his Walkeny alter-ego from happening,   he really was hoping it wouldn't happen now...not with all his friends watching,   but Walken wasn't having any of this.   He was going to bring the Walkeny side out of him no matter what and he could be pretty damn persuasive.   He tried to fight it,  but alas...he found himself losing his ability to think straight as he looked at the blood red moon as he clutched his stomach.

Without warning,  he started instinctively growling and hissing in a vampiric manner as he began to lose control,  as the Walken side started to take control of him,  human thoughts and traits slowly fading into oblivion as his mind drastically altered,  all he could think about was obeying Walken,  he began to drift off into a deeper trance-like state as he felt himself becoming less human with each turn.

His skintone slowly but surely began to drain itself of its normal color as it paled, becoming ghostly and vampiric as well as well...Walken-like,   the skintone started at his arms which were elongating and growing longer as his fingers extended,  his fingernails lengthened and sharpened as his knuckles became more pronounced.   From what his team mates could see, they could see he had Walken-like arms and hands and a very pale skin-tone.

He growled several more times as his clothing peeled away before reforming into black dust clouds that melded together into a black and grey suit with a spider-insignia on it,  his chest and torso slimmed down as did his stomach,   his back slimming down as well.   In the process his legs elongated to become Walken-like along with his feet,  as his boots reformed into a pair of gothic ones with a Hessian motif.

It began to feel that to him,  everything around him was shrinking but that was only because he was elevating to become much taller in height to about 6'ft,  which was Walken's height as his shoulders slimmed down,  as his hair slowly turned from its normal brownish color to sandy brown and developed the texture and style of Walken's hair.

His forehead elevated itself higher up as his eyebrows thinned and turned sandy brown as well,  the pale skintone now clearly becoming noticeable on his face as his eyes turned from hazel brown to icy blue,  in the process they became narrower and spread out -  to give them a sunken,  menacing look.   His nose altered in shape until it looked very Walkeny as well,  his ears stretching to become slightly pointed at the tips.

He licked his lips as they slowly contorted into a more crescentian shape,  altering his mouth shape to be more Walkeny as the tips of his mouth became pointed,  his cheekbones sharply became more pronounced as his cheeks themselves became slightly sunken,  in the process his chin narrowed a bit as his facial structure and shape altered to become more brachy/mesoian,  making his facial features morph and contort until they resembled Walken's own.

His Walkeny instincts and mindset began to take over full-force as he growled and licked his lips at the thought of draining the blood out of his former team-mates,  after all-  they were just a bunch of humans...and to a Walken,   human blood was absolutely delicious...and he couldn't wait to bite each and every one of them and turn them into Walkens as well.

Joel staggered back in shock as he saw Nathan transforming,  he could barely recognize him - the fact Nathan looked more like Christopher Walken was definitely an alarming sight for him,   what was more alarming though was the way he was licking his lips and hissing in a vampiric manner as his expression contorted itself into a pseudo-grimace/half-snarl.

But the most alarming part of all came in two forms,  the first was when his voice started to deepen and grow lower,  altering and warping,  harmonizing and transforming until it matched his appearance,   not only making him look like Walken but also sounding like him, complete with the vocal tone,  speech patterns and hypnotic and enticing way of speaking as well as the Walken accent and inflections.     The second alarming change after that was his teeth,  as his canines extended as they lengthened and sharpened,  becoming akin to vampiric fangs while the rest of his teeth became pointed and Hessian-like.

With a loud,  fierce Hessian-like roar -  the transformation was completed and in place of the human known as Nathan,  there stood a fierce,  but oddly entrancing Walken...the new Walken let out a couple of satisfactory growls as new thoughts and memories took over...he no longer could be called Nathan anymore.  Yes,  he remembered that he was Christopher Walken now...yes,  Christopher...what a fine name for a young Walken.

" that you?"

"I don't know who that is...My name is Christopher.  But you humans may call me Chris."

"The Walkens got to you too?   But how?  I mean none of the other Walkens got in."

"Silly human....I wasn't bitten or scratched by one of them.   Because I already am a Walken.  I was never bitten. I became what I am now,  is much fact.."

"That's on earth did that happen?"

"I've been a Walken this entire see,   and I was hypnotized and turned on that blood moon night and I turned into the Walken you see before you -  i've always been a Walken."

"But we thought you were human..."

"Huh?  I don't remember being human,  but I do remember how good it felt to transform into this form of mine on that full blood moon night and how much I enjoyed drinking blood and serving the real Walken as his loyal alpha.."

"You're an alpha Walken?"

"Oh yes...and I am simply carrying out my master's orders."

"Which are?"

"Find a group of humans to hypnotize,  bite/scratch,  drain them of their blood and turn them into Walkens and She-Hessians for his army -  starting with YOU..I bet your blood would taste delicious."

"You wouldn't bite me now,   would you?  I'm one of your friends."

"I view you as prey more than a friend..."

Chris hissed and snarled at Joel and the others before lunging with inhuman agility towards Damon - Ricky's friend and sinking his sharp teeth into his neck,  biting him and draining him of his blood before making his way towards Joel.    Joel tried to stop Chris from attacking Damon but it was too late.   Within seconds,  Damon was turned into a Walken just like Chris.

Ricky felt a chilling sensation run down his neck as Chris's Walken-like hands and fingers crawled up his back and up onto his shoulders,  and without warning -  the alpha Walken reached from behind and went straight for his neck...sinking his sharp fangs and Hessian-like teeth into it and causing blood to drip from it,  he licked the blood up before Ricky let out a loud piercing yell of pain.


"What are you going to do about it?"

Chris the alpha Walken snarled as Ricky tried to fight him,   but before knocking Ricky down onto the ground and making quick work of the other team-mates.   One by one,  the other team-mates were turned into Walkens just like him. The new Walkens snarled and hissed as they glared at Joel.

"This isn't going to be good..."

"Oh no!"

Within a short matter of minutes the barricade that was keeping the Walkens out broke apart as a whole army of Walkens burst through it,   and when Joel turned to see if Ricky was okay...he was met with shock when he saw Ricky had also transformed into a Walken as well,  even Ricky's best friends had been Walkenized and there was nothing Joel here could do about it.     He was now surrounded by Walkens and the Walkens were thirsty..for blood.

"Hey Joel...guess what?"


"I've got a fever...and the only prescription is YOUR BLOOD,  followed by more cowbell!"

"Stay away from me."

"Don't you worry...I won't hurt you...."

"You won't?"

"Of course not...I have something special planned for you."

"And what that might be?"

"If you want to find out,   you'll have to try and catch me first..."

"Bring it..."

That's what Joel would have said if he didn't notice that Chris and the other Walkens were already making their escapes,  and so with that Chris and the other Walkens all escaped into the night to go and hunt for more humans and also for more cowbell.   Luckily there were still some survivors left over from the encounter with Joel being one of them,  but for the others it was already too late.

As for what happened later,   the Walkens ruled the night and had a bloodfeast with plenty of cowbell and as for Chris the alpha Walken -  the real Christopher Walken was proud of him and of his Walkeny prowess.  The night belonged to the Walkens and their master and do all the other nights.

Remember,   try as you might there is no stopping the Walken infestation from happening,  Walkens are everywhere and they want your blood,  and once you get bitten by a Walken - you'll become one yourself.  And it won't be long until you start craving the taste of human blood and more cowbell.  But then again...maybe you've already been turned and you
don't realize it...or maybe you've been bitten by one and are starting to turn.  

Whatever the case,   oh well...don't say I didn't warn you.  The Walken knows these things you know,  he knows a fellow Walken when he sees and hears one.   Don't you worry though,  after all -  it's a just a story,  there's nothing to be afraid of...except for those several pairs of hypnotic glowing blue eyes waiting for you and leering at you from within the darkness that is.

Sweet dreams,  dear human friends...sleep tight,  and don't let the Walkens bite...or,'s up to you really,   but I definitely do suggest letting the Walken bite you.   After all,  it won't hurt that much.    Sweet dreams everyone,   and remember to look out for might never know when they're going to strike next.

TftW: The Were-Walken.

TftW:  The Were-Walken
Nathan's alter ego Chris was one that he  had developed OL with his close friend Jon,  the premise of the RP that started this was his normal character would be hypnotized and transformed into this 'Walkeny' alter-ego of his.  He would often write stories about becoming this wonderful Walkeny persona and   hypnotizing others.  

And the more he wrote about them,  the more entranced he became by the idea and by the process his character went through to become Chris.   His icon was Walken themed,  on the forums -  people now mistook him for the real Walken and it was an experience he enjoyed and slowly but gradually grew addicted to.

So much so that the Walken persona became interjected with his own posts on both Deviantart and Tumblr,   the Walken persona had slowly but surely been developing in his dreams as well -   in the dreams he would either be looking for the real Christopher Walken only to run into him and be hypnotized by him and turned into a 'Walken',   or he was turned or turning into a role Walken had played or into Walken himself.    He would always wake up the next morning feeling disappointed that he was not Walken,   but yet deep down - he felt like he was Walken or that he had been him the entire time.

One night he was cruising the ImagineYourIcon posts on Tumblr when he found one that he knew he just had to answer/reblog.   The post said: "Imagine turning into your icon every full moon."

"Hmmm...yes,  an interesting post.   So,  i'm a Were-Walken?  Does that mean I get to turn others into Were-Walkens too via biting,  scratching or hypnosis?  Awesome! I get to be Christopher Walken at full moon?  Sign me up!"

He posted his reblog/reply and waited for a few hours before continuing,   he then turned towards the Walken as Captain Hook poster he had on his wall before heading over into the computer room to watch a Walken movie marathon.    He had a rather good feeling about this as he sat down and put his glassess on.

It just happened that the full moon was shining out from behind the clouds,  and more than that -  the full moon was also a blood red tint and giving off a rather hypnotic glow,  in fact looking up at it was enough to trigger a powerful trance inducing reaction.    Upon looking up at it,   he fell into a hypnotic trance-like state and the more he looked at it,  the more entranced he became.    

As he fell deeper and deeper into trance,   he heard Walken's voice talking to him in his mind,  as if Walken was telepathically talking to him.

"'s so beautiful,  so red....reminds me of blood..."

"Yes...that's it,   fall into a trance...fall ever so deeply into it."

"Mmm...yes,  master."

"Do you see the moon there?"


"She is calling to you,  she wants you..."

"She wants me?"

"Yes...she wants you..."

"To do what,  master?"

"She wants you to submit to my power.  And let me control you.."

"Oh,  master...I would be more than happy to let you control me."

"That's the spirit."

"Oh,  master...I am yours to command."

"From now on,   every night when the full blood moon rises,  you will submit to my power and become just like me..."

"Will it hurt,  master?"

"Don't you worry,  it won' fact you will find it to be quite soothing and entrancing,  as you become more and more Walken-like with each passing night,  mentally and physically until you are just like me."

"You mean i'm going to become like you,   master?"

" are going to become so hypnotic.."

"Hypnotic,  master?"

"And oh so powerful,  so bloodthirsty,  so Walkeny..."

He listened obediently to the words Walken uttered in his mind,    gently letting his willpower be sapped away by the moonlight and Walken's voice.   Walken had the power to hypnotize any willing subject he chose and convert them into a thrall worthy of serving him, and there was more than one of him.

For you see,   there were several Chris Walkens out there in the world that served Walken and helped him turn humans into fellow Walkens.   And they were always out on the hunt for blood.

Now,   he was slowly but surely beginning to feel like he was one of them as his human thoughts slowly faded into oblivion -  his mind filling up with Walkeny thoughts and thoughts of bloodlust.   His stomach growled as it burned with a newfound thirst for blood,  he licked his lips as he thought about how good some fresh blood would taste in his mouth.


" will all be yours soon,  my Walken.."

"Did you just call me a Walken?"

" are my Walken."

"I like that a lot,  master."

"A good Walken always obeys his master...are you a good Walken?"

"Yes,  master."

"Of course you're such a good,  obedient Walken."

"Good,  obedient...Walken."

He groaned slightly as Walken's soothing voice intoned in his mind,  instructing him to obey and follow his every command - conditioning him to be the perfect Walkeny thrall that would be worthy of serving him.

To him this felt rather pleasurable,  letting his developing Walkeny instincts take control as well as letting Walken's voice guide him throughout the entire process.   Somehow,  it just felt more natural to give in and submit.   Letting his willpower fade away along with his resistance was just so relaxing.

He was so entranced by this that he didn't even notice that his skin imperfections were all starting to fade away as his body hair or what little he had of it fell out,   his skintone shifting to become paler,   almost vampiric -   just like Walken's skin.

In the process his arms elongated,  becoming longer and much more lithe as his hands changed to match -  his fingers growing longer as his fingernails sharpened,  becoming akin to claws.     He moaned a little as his black spider t shirt slowly melted off his body before reforming into an elegant black dress shirt with much longer sleeves.

Looking at his legs,  he could see them stretching and elongating to become more lithe and also growing longer,   making them look like Walken's legs.   In fact,   both his legs and arms resembled those of Walken.   His feet looked Walken-like as well,   as his slippersocks morphed into a pair of elegant boots with a Hessian motif.

His shorts which he was wearing didn't melt off like his shirt did but rather extended and turned from a pair of blue jean shorts into a pair of elegant dark grey trousers with a belt that had the initials C.W on the buckle.   His torso,  stomach,  back and chest all slimmed down to give him a more lithe Walkeny physique.

He suddenly felt like the room was shrinking as he elevated in height from his normal height to 6'ft,  which was Walken's height -  he arched his back a little as his shoulders stretched to go with his new physique.   His neckline slimmed as well,   to give him a rather long elegant neck -    the more he changed,  the more entranced by it he became.

Next he ran his new fingers through his hair as it prickled up and turned a sandy brown almost blondish color,   his hair developing the style and texture of Walken's hair as his eyebrows thinned out and turned the same color as his new hair.

The pale skintone now became more evident on his face as the color of his eyes turned from hazel brown to a piercing blue with dark green inner rings,   making them rather hypnotic before his forehead elevated itself higher up.    In the process his eyes shifted,  becoming narrower and slightly sunken as his nose shrank a little.

Following up from this was his mouth as his lips curved themselves into a Crescentian shape and thinned a little,   the tips becoming slightly pointed -  feeling his teeth with his tongue - he could feel his canines sharpening and becoming akin to fangs while the rest of his teeth extended and became pointed -  which reminded him of the Hessian.

His cheekbones sharpened and became more pronounced as his cheeks became slightly sunken,  his chin narrowing out a little as his facial structure became sharper and more angular,  taking on a Brachy/Mesoian shape as his ears became slightly pointed -  his strength and agility increasing to inhuman levels as his senses heightened.

From what he could see -  he fully looked exactly like Walken himself,  even right down to the build -   but there was one thing left unchanged,   the voice.   But that was all cleared up when his voice started altering in tone and pitch,  shifting to become a low-high-hypnotic baritone voice that was perfect for hypnotizing his future prey,   in the process this voice altered further to give him the accent,  tone,  mannerisms and speech patterns of Walken himself.

The last change came in the form of his newly developed Walken instincts as the 'Walken' persona took over,   another Christopher Walken was born.   The  newly transformed Walken let out a fierce Hessian-like roar at the moon and admired his new form,  after all - this form did have a LOT of perks to it.

"Masterrr....I feel so Walkeny now!"

"And you look Walkeny too."

"Am I a beautiful Walken,  master?"

"Of course you are."

"You're the best master ever!"

"Listen very closely,   young Walken.  I have a mission for you."

"What's that?"

"I want you to go all around the city in search of a worthy human victim."

"Yes,  master."

"Once you find one you think is worthy enough,  bring him or her to me so I may make them into either a Walken like us or a She-Hessian.   Is that understood?"

"Yes,  master -  I understand."

"Go my Walken,  make your master proud!"

With that the new Walken slinked off into the night,   hunting all over the city for suitable human victims or at least ones he thought would be worthy of joining the Walken army,  also converting several women into She-Hessians too.     Those who weren't worthy had their blood drained out by him and made into thralls.

As for what happened later,   soon the entirety of the city he lived in was infested with Walkens and She-Hessians,  all willing to serve their master the real Christopher Walken himself and to help him convert more humans into their kind.

Remember,  if it's a full moon -  expect a visit from werecreatures or hellhounds but if it's blood red,   then a Walken or She-Hessian is what you'll find awaiting you.

Character Inspiration

Character: Chris.
Species: Walken (Christopher Walken inspired vampiric being with hypnotic powers)
Info:  Chris is the leader of quasi-vampiric creatures that are often viewed by humans as being evil boogieman types that turn their victims dreams into horrific nightmares.   He is a mysterious,  sinister but charismatic type.   He is inspired by various Wesen from the TV show Grimm mainly Hexenbiest/Zauberbiest (Witch Wesen) and Cracher Mortel (Pufferfish Wesen that raises the dead),  as well as by Sauron,   Vlad The Impaler/Dracula (Gary Oldman’s version),  the ‘Boogieman’ of common urban myth,  Slenderman,   the titular killer from the ‘Candyman’  franchise,  King Sombra,  and the Headless Horseman.  He is named after and based on Christopher Walken and has his voice and speech patterns along with his vocal tone.  Like most of his kind he stands at 6’ft and is very lithe,  his skin is pale and ghostly in appearance but doesn’t show any signs of decaying,  scarring or aging and like most male members of this kind,  he possess a rather Walken-like appearance.   The color of his hair is usually sandy brown and it prickles up slightly,   the colour of his eyes however are icy blue with dark green inner rings.  He has fingernails that are rather long and sharp akin to claws and he has long arms and legs,   his teeth are also quite sharp as the canines resemble typical vampire fangs while the rest of his teeth are pointed akin to the Hessian Horseman.    His facial features are rather Walken-like and are quasi- Brachy/mesoian/dolichokephalian in shape.   He possess a very high forehead,  thin eyebrows that are the same colour as his hair,  a rather small Walken-like nose,   an angular jaw-line with a narrow chin,   his eyes are spread out,  narrow and slightly sunken,  giving him a forlorn but menacing look.   His lips are slightly thinned out,  and are of a cresentian shape with pointed tips.
-  Hessian Horseman (Sleepy Hollow).  His storyline is a spin off of the Hessian Hex saga which had his previous human self Nathan be cursed to turn into the Hessian,  and he takes very much after the Hessian himself especially when angered,  when he is angered or in a bloodlust driven mood his already blue eyes become aquamarine and his expression contorts into a menacing snarling expression and he becomes vicious when in this state.   This is rare but happens if he can't find any humans to drain the blood out of.
- Archangel Gabriel (The Prophecy trilogy).
-  Frank White (King Of New York) - He is neither good or evil,  he just follows his Walkeny instinct and kills if he has to,  but he would never harm a loved one.
-  Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street) - Like Freddy he can manipulate dreams, for those who dare to oppose him he gives them nightmares in which they have to fight their own worst fears in order to survive,  for hypnotize victims or thralls -  he gives them dreams of dancing, singing, and being Walkeny just like him.
-  Jareth (Labyrinth).  He has many things in common with Jareth including the fact he is also a dancer and singer.  This is also a nod to how Bowie himself was considered for Max Zorin in A View To A Kill but he turned it down because he didn't want to spend five months watching his stunt double fall of cliffs.
-  Captain Hook (Peter Pan Live). This Walken will sometimes take on the appearance of Walken's version of Hook from the musical especially when performing while being undercover so that nobody finds out about his true plan,  it is also indicated that even true Walkens can be affected by their own hypnotic powers and in the context of the Walken storyline -  Christopher Walken himself accidentally hypnotized himself while performing in Peter Pan Live which humans misinterpreted as being either 'drunk' or 'tired'.
-  Erik (The Phantom Of The Opera)
- Niahm (The Eternal/Kiss Of The Mummy)
-  Hammer Horror Movies,  in particular Christopher Lee as Dracula.
- Johnny Smith (The Dead Zone).  Back when he had his human mind and personality,  he was really scared and reluctant to become a Walken and to use his Walken powers because everytime he was told to use them it was to kill someone who didn't deserve it and he felt guilty for it afterwards,  but eventually once he was conditioned his Walken mindset kicked in and he grew to love being Walkeny and using his powers.
-  Slenderman (Urban Legends/Creepypastas)
-  Robert (The Comfort Of Strangers).  Yes,  a LOT OF Walken movies were studied in order for me to get him done right and this was one of them,  like Robert -  Chris the alpha Walken is sinister and alluring at the same time,  but you wouldn't want to get on his bad side..most humans who do end up paying the price.
-  Worm Jeff (Furbearingbrick's creation).
-  King Sombra (MLP: Friendship Is Magic)
- Sauron (Lord Of The Rings)
- Prince Vlad/Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula).  Both are vampiric types but despite their sinister reputation they're really sympathetic.
-  Hannibal Lecter (Silence Of The Lambs)
-  Dexter Morgan (Dexter)  -  Much like Dexter himself,  Chris doesn't necessarily go after anyone unless they've  been bad in someway - he doesn't kill unless he's in Hessian mode where he goes on a killing spree but he can easily suppress it.  This serves as basically Chris's own 'Dark Passenger'.
-  Angel/Angelus (Buffyverse).  He's vampiric but he has a soul.
-  Max Shreck (Batman Returns)
- Max Zorin (A View To A Kill)
- Vincenzo Concotti (True Romance)
-  Tall Man (Phantasm series)
-  The Boogieman.
-  Folkloric vampires.  Chris's weaknesses are a mixture of the Headless Horseman's weaknesses and folkloric vampire weaknesses as well as the weaknesses and limits of his own species.
- Maximillian (Vampire In Brooklyn).  Like Maximillian he is very charismatic in addition to being a very alluring and dangerous vampiric being and can also shapeshift.  Chris can turn into mist/smoke,  he can become a shadow, and can also become any one of Christopher Walken's movie roles except for Colonel Cutter though,  he can also assume his 'human form' (a Johnny Depp/Collin Farrell lookalike) and use that human form of his as a disguise during the day.
- Pinhead (Hellraiser series)
-  Jerry Dandridge (Fright Night 1985)
-  Combiesque vampires (Big Wolf On Campus episode 'Everybody Fang Chung Tonight')
-  The Phobiast (Big Wolf On Campus episode 'Fear and Loathing In Pleasantvile')
-  Vampires (From Dusk Till Dawn),   Walkenism works a lot like how vampirism works for the vamps in the Titty Twister,   in that it is viral and if you are bitten by a Walken or She-Hessian,  you turn into one.  How long it takes for the victims to be transformed varies,  sometimes it's a gradual process and other times it can happen instantaneously,  also most commonly...sometimes a human bitten by a Walken will turn on the night after the night they were first bitten.  Signs of turning into a Walken include ones appetite shifting to a more bloodthirsty one (human food and drinks will no longer suffice after that),  hearing Walken's voice in your head,  developing Walken-like traits and attributes,  voice changing to that of Walken on a regular basis,  the desire to follow and obey the Walken who turned you (including calling him 'master',  or if it's a She-Hessian who turned you - 'mistress'),  enhanced agility and strength,  the desire for more cowbell and of course having dreams of turning into Chris Walken or a character he has played.  Also the victims may find that their interests are shifting to things such as acting or dancing. Would-be She-Hessians find themselves dreaming of being with him and forever being loved and respected by him.
-  Grace Jones.  Just Grace Jones in general.
- Peina (The Addiction).  This Walken will only kill you if he feels you might be a potential threat to him,  or if he wishes to satisfy his bloodlust in someway,   when he feeds on the blood of his victims,  he does it for substance or to replenish his energy and strength if he starts to weaken slightly,  or to start the transformation of said victim into a Walken or She-Hessian.  He is pretty much in full control of his more vicious nature and has mastered the art of blending in among humans.
-  Reed Thimple (The Country Bears) -  A common trait of most male members of his species is an aversion to and hatred for bears and anything ursine,  Chris himself once let this get to him when he was in his human disguise at Walt Disney World...resulting in him going full on Walken and trying to attack the titular bears themselves only for him to get kicked out.   Also,  Chris has said on a couple of occasions that he actually blames the titular ursines in general for not only according to him 'starting it',  but also stealing his spotlight..let's just say it's not safe to mention this particular ursine band when around him,  if he's in human form -  it's a surefire way to not only tick him off -  but it's enough to force the Walken instincts and traits out once more...which is very bad if he's trying to blend in with humans.
- Nemesis (Alton Towers).  The Nemesis Creature and Chris have quite a bit in common as they are both mysterious,  misunderstood creatures that are otherwordly and are both respected and feared at the same time.  Nobody knows where he comes from,  nobody knows what he wants,   there are theories and then there is the legend.  That legend is one the Walken himself shares with Nemesis,  and nobody can come to terms with him...don't try to think about it either.
- Hexenbiests (Grimm)
- Cracher Mortel (Grimm)
- Candyman (Candyman franchise)
-  Feng (Balls Of Fury)
- Guardian Angel (Madonna 'Bad Girl' music video).  Sometimes if there is someone who has supernatural powers or is half supernatural being despite being human,  he'll send a 'Guardian Walken' to look after them and to protect them from anyone who may try and harm them,  this class of Walken serves as angel types.  Chris himself will sometimes take on this role as a 'Guardian Walken' to look after the ones he loves,   in which he is paternal and fatherly.
-  Vanni Corso (A Business Affair).
-  Bruce Dickinson (SNL) Like all Walkens,  he just can't get enough cowbell,  it's also very sacred to Walkens and in Walkenlore as a whole because of how it's used for Walkenization rituals,  hypnosis,  and for soothing the Walken if said Walken is in their Hessian mode due to bloodlusting.  It's also a common Walken instinct for Walkens to desire more cowbell and it's encouraged that giving in to that instinct as well as the other Walken instincts is good for them.
- Hickey (Last Man Standing).

Character: Kate/She-Hessian.
Species: She-Hessian (vampiric warrioress)
Info: She is a fictional version of Kate Beckinsale who is married to Chris the alpha Walken,  she was turned into a She-Hessian after being hypnotized,  bitten and turned by Christopher Walken himself.  Originally she had sought out to slay Walken but she found herself falling under his spell and being turned into the She-Hessian she is today,  she now is married to Chris the alpha Walken and helps aid him in his quest to turn humans into Walkens and She-Hessians for their army.
-  Selene (Underworld franchise) This one is inspired by my crossover pairing of the Hessian Horseman from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow with Selene,  which is based on a scene in Click in which Morty played by Christopher Walken admits to having a crush on Michael's wife who is played by Kate Beckinsale who also played Anna Valerious in Van Helsing and Selene. In my mind,  the She-Hessian is and always will be Kate Beckinsale -  whether it be in written form,  IMVU form,  or in a movie casting.
-  Amy Peterson (Fright Night 1985).  In particular once she gets turned by Walken,  she becomes fierce but still alluring and seductive after he turns her like how Amy became fierce and also seductive after she was turned by Jerry.
- Rayne (Bloodrayne) -  they're both warrioress types who happen to be vampiric.
- Mileena (Mortal Kombat) -  They're both alluring, are skilled at fighting, and are seductive but also possess very sharp teeth.
-  Elvira (Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark)
-  Vampirella (Marvel)
-  Akivasha (Kull The Conqueror).  Naturally,  like Akivasha..Kate is extremely alluring,  hypnotic and beautiful but she has a bloodthirsty side and a rather fiery temper.  It doesn't pay to make her angry.  Also in the comics, Akivasha is supposedly a vampire-queen type at least according to 'Hour Of The Dragon'.
- Mina Harker (Bram Stoker's Dracula).  As mentioned in the info section above she wasn't always a She-Hessian but rather she was turned by Christopher Walken himself much like how Mina was hypnotized and turned into a vampire by Vlad in the aforementioned movie.   The story which explains this (titled The She-Hessian's Origin) is a homage to that movie.
- Maleficent (Maleficent).
-  Marsha Quist (The Howling).
- Akasha (Queen Of The Damned)
-  Katrina (Vamp).  Like Katrina she doesn't speak,  well at least not that often -  unless of course she's seducing her prey in order to hypnotize them and turn them into Walkens,  but other than that she doesn't speak that much...well she does talk when she's with Chris or with Jon who is Legrandzilla's character.
-  Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn).  Both are alluring and seductive vampiress types that are not so alluring or attractive when their more vampiric nature takes over and they feed on the blood of their prey or would be thralls,  also it helps that like Santanico and Katrina she is also a dancer at the Walken's Den - a nightclub which is very much home to vampire types.
-  Xena (Xenaverse).  They're both fierce and inhumanly strong warrioress types who are also attractive.
-  Hessian Horseman (Sleepy Hollow).  Both she and her lover Chris the alpha Walken are inspired by the Hessian and share similar traits to him including the same weaknesses,  also when they're in their bloodlusting mode their icy blue eyes turn aquamarine and they become more ferocious and yes...both Chris and Kate sometimes make roars or snarling sounds when in this state.
- Julie Walker (Return Of The Living Dead III). Like Chris - and all Walkens or She-Hessians,  she has a hunger/thirst for blood that can cause her to go into a berserker like state if she doesn't find any suitable prey to feed on the blood of,   this berserker-like state causes her to become violent,  aggressive,  vindictive and savage and to attack others without warning,   luckily there are ways she has ways to keep this side of her at bay just like Julie does.
-  Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)
-  Alien Vampiress (Lifeforce).
-  Regine Dandridge (Fright Night part 2)

Zorin Reborn

Zorin Reborn.
Max Zorin (A View To A Kill) TF
NOTE:  This is another one in the Movie Night stories that features my character turning in to a character from a movie he's watching on a full moon night,  this one is going with the Walken/Were-Walken transformation theme and hypnosis theme.   And this also involves a mental tf as well.


There is just something about the moon that both adds an aura of eeriness and mystique especially in the case of some supernatural situations, full moons in particular but..a blood red moon?   That's a whole different entity altogether,  it's something so alluring and hypnotic that not even Nathan could resist it.   And this time the blood moon was particular strong,  it was a super blood red moon and it was full as well.

You see,   even though he may look human -  he actually isn't human at all,  you see he has Walken blood in his system and if you know anything about Walkens is that on blood moon nights -  that is when they're at their strongest and most Walkeniest,  for a Walken who has been bitten and turned the effect of the hypnosis placed on them by the Walken who turned them increases and makes them unable to resist giving into the developing Walken urges and traits .   And he just loved to try find various ways to bring his Walken side out,  even if they were insane or had the risked of others finding out his secret -  he also liked to hold it back a bit just to tease his inner Walken.

Nathan was in his living room that night once again in the middle of one of his movie marathons,  this time he was in the middle of a Christopher Walken movie because he was looking for a way to bring out the Walken side.   One way to do so was visualising the transformations into Walken or a character of his as they were depicted in his dreams,  which he remembered fondly because of the presence of the Walken.

His most recurring Walken transformation was into Walken himself or sometimes into his vampiric alter-ego Chris the alpha Walken,  but his most common one always seemed to be the Hessian because of how much he loved the idea of losing himself to the bloodthirsty instincts of the horseman and how much he loved roaring at the blood moon when his transformation was finished.

He was going to be in for a real treat tonight,   as the Walken movie he was watching was none other than the underrated James Bond flick A View To A Kill which had Walken in his first official villain role as the dreaded and infamous Max Zorin,   who was one of his top 10 favorite villain roles of Walken's next to Max Shreck,  the Hessian,  Cornelius Hatcher,  Archangel Gabriel,  Robert,  Feng from Balls and Fury,   Mr Smith from Nick Of Time and Captain Hook from Peter Pan Live.   Not only that,  but Grace Jones was in the movie as May-Day,  who was one of his favorite female characters and not to mention one of his crushes  especially as the Walken.

He was in the middle of watching the scene where James goes undercover at a horse-rally to investigate the microchip and he was sneaking around in Zorin's mansion while Zorin and May-Day were practicing martial arts.   He admired the scene as it played while having an online conversation with a fellow Walken fan who was a fan of his Walken side and the tales regarding him.

"Damn,  May-Day's got some impressive moves on her.   It's no wonder that Grace Jones plays her,  she's inhumanly strong but also a skilled fighter.  It's time like this that I wish I was Walken...I really do wish I was Walken. I guess that's why the Walken persona is such a fun one to morph into."

"What would you say was the Walken role that affected you the most and caused The Walken side of you to slowly manifest itself and make you desire to become that Walkeny  alter-ego of yours?"

"Probably the Hessian...because of how after I dreamed of becoming the Hessian I could not stop growling in my sleep and the first time it started affecting me afterwards...oh boy,  I can remember getting the urges to hunt down humans and decapitate them and/or drain their blood,  I can remember seeing my teeth lengthen and sharpen and I can remember how I couldn't help but growl and roar like him."

"When you become the Walken...what does it feel like?"

"I could go on and on for weeks about how addicting and relaxing it is to become the Walken how much it feels so nice to give in to the Walkeny mindset and to do all those Walkeny things,   I really could. But i'd pretty much be here all day and night praising the Walken and the process of becoming him."

"How exactly did you first discover that you liked The Walken?"

" was when I had those dreams about becoming Walken himself,  I remember wanting them to be real so badly that I would have done anything to make them happen for real,  of course I underwent numerous hypnosis sessions and was hypnotized numerous times into becoming the Walken."

"I bet it must be pretty awesome being Walkeny,  especially those hypnotic powers and inhuman agility.  Plus,   being Walkeny makes you immortal and that's pretty rad.  Of course, the best part must be the whole infecting people and turning them into Walkens thing,  right?"

"You could say that."

"Say...if there was someone who really wanted to be a Walken...would you turn them?"

"Oh yes,   especially if they asked nicely."

"Have you ever filmed yourself turning into the Walken?"

"A couple of times,   i've even recorded an audio diary about it."

"I wish I could meet this Walken.  He sounds awesome."

"Oh,  I have a feeling you'll meet him soon enough."


Of course he  was indeed right,  for the Walken was bound to emerge yet again and he was going to show his OL followers that the Walken was indeed yeah,   he went back to writing but decided to stop as the super blood red moon began to peer out from behind the clouds.   He smiled slightly as he started to get a chilling sensation all over his body,   but in a good way though - as tonight was definitely his night.

He set up his webcam and activated it as he started getting ready,  as the video started recording he started out talking about how much he enjoyed becoming the Walken,  and also discussing which Walken characters he had sometimes found himself becoming -   this time since he had been watching A View To A Kill,  he decided to recall the dream he had in which he turned into Max Zorin while inside  a dome that was see-through,  he recalled the specific movements he was making while in the dome.

At the same time,  he slowly began to fall into a trance-like state and his human thoughts slowly started fading away -  slowly becoming replaced with the more bloodthirsty mindset of the Walken,  he hissed and growled slightly as he thought about becoming Zorin which in turn made the influence of the Walken even stronger.    To him,  it just felt so natural and so good to give in to the Walkeny mindset.

He panted and writhed as the transformation started to take place,  starting with his legs starting to elongate and stretch,  becoming longer and more lithe but yet very graceful,  his slippers slowly began to harden and reform into a pair of elegant black shoes as his feet shifted to look more Walken-like.  

"Ah...right on time..."

The next set of changes that occurred happened with his skin,   his skintone himself drastically altering as it paled starting with his legs,  his skin imperfections melted away as the pale skintone from his legs began to creep its way upwards.   In his mind,  this was just right..and he knew that he picked the right night of such a transformation,  of course his mind was also drastically altering as he was becoming more chaotic.  

Not only that but his intelligence was drastically increasing as well,  making him gain more intelligence than ever before,  the pale skintone now was slowly creeping its way upwards towards his chest and torso as they slenderized and became more lithe,   in the process his arms extended -  growing longer and thinner as his hands changed to match his feet -  shifting to become very Walken-like with longer fingers and sharply more pronounced knuckles.  

In the process his clothing was slowly melting away and reforming into an elegant suit of sorts,   all of his skin imperfections were now completely gone as his mind dramatically shifted even more,  filling him with all sorts of new instincts and memories...the memories of a villain,   and not just any villain -  one of the most notorious villains in the history of movies,   a James Bond villain...but not just any old Bond villain,  but the most infamous one of all...the most ruthless and bloodthirsty Bond villain ever.

He was getting memories and visions of being the subject of various experimentations and growing up as what most people would call a 'test tube baby',   to him everything was just a complete blur except for the memories and visions that were developing in his more intelligent mind,   at the same time his bloodlust rapidly  increased,  in turn fueling his more chaotic nature and making him more villainous in nature.

His back and stomach also slimmed down as his frame altered to become more lithe,  in the process he felt himself stretching,  elevating higher and higher until he was about 6'ft,  the pale skintone from before now was reaching his shoulders as they too elongated,  his neckline stretched as it followed the rest of his frame,  becoming long,  elongated and simply beautiful.   He felt his hair as it slowly slicked itself back and shortened,  slowly turning from its normal brown color to a very light shade of blonde,  in the process his ears altered to become slightly pointed.

He admired his changing appearance as his eyebrows turned blonde to match his hair and his forehead elevated itself higher up,  in the process his eyes turned from their normal hazel brown color to an icy blue color while they also became narrower,  wider and slightly sunken as the pale skintone crept up his neck and was now replacing the regular skintone on his face,  his nose shrank slightly as his cheekbones became more pronounced.

He licked his lips as they thinned out a little,  curving into a crescentian shape as the tips became sharply pointed,  his expression curving itself into a sly pseudo-smirk with a touch of evil attitude to it,   his cheeks themselves sank in a little as his his chin narrowed out and his jaw-line shifted to become more angular in shape,   his facial shape was dramatically becoming brachy/mesoian in shape but also his appearance was shifting to look more and more Walken-like,   his features slowly altering and changing until he resembled the villain known as Max Zorin.

Of course his changes weren't done yet,  he groaned several more times as his voice deepened,  growing lower,  gruffer and more eerie,  but also becoming distinctive and hypnotic with a very particular set of mannerisms,  his vocal tone and pitch shifting and developing a high-low baritone as his voice itself became that of Christopher Walken,  so now he sounded just like Zorin as well.

The final change took place as his mental changes took places,   his insane,  more chaotic,  more bloodthirsty but brilliant and highly intelligent,  yet completely unpredictable personality took over as his humanity and sanity were absorbed into his mind - replacing them with the pure Walkeninity and insanity of the infamous Max Zorin.  

Now,  his transformation was completed...where Nathan once was...was now Max Zorin,  the industrialist,  former test tube baby,  mad genius and most bloodthirsty adversary that James Bond had ever faced.   He let out an evil,  triumphant Walken-like laugh as he admired his newly transformed state.    

"Yesssss....I AM REBORN."

Zorin hissed proudly as he looked up at the blood red moon shining outside,  he knew exactly what his mission was -  as a member of the Walken/Hessian bloodline,  it was his job to find humans to either prey on or convert into members of his species,   for he was one of many 'Walkens'  out there on the prowl,   but he always knew he was above the rest -  he was an alpha.  

He sniffed the air carefully,  detecting the sweet scent of blood...sweet delicious human blood...the blood that he needed to fuel his bloodlust.   He walked towards the window before turning towards the computer table.   He turned to his computer and once the video was finished recording,  he saved it and emailed it to his friend.

"Is there anything you want,  Master Zorin?"

"Yes,  contact the other Walkens and tell them that i'm returning."

"Right away,  master."

So,  with that Max Zorin leaped out of the window with inhuman agility and gracefully landed on the ground of his sanctum before going out to go and hunt for humans to go and convert into fellow Walkens to add to his ever-growing army.   Of course before he did that,  he contacted the other Walkens in the Walken bloodline and caught up with them in the Walken's den where they waited for potential victims.

As for what happened later,  he stayed as Max Zorin throughout the entire night but also developed his signature Walken species traits including his hypnotic powers,  his claw-like fingernails and his razor sharp Hessian-like teeth and vampiric fangs.    It felt good to be under the influence of the Walken and he wouldn't have it any other way,   and this time - he was going to make sure that he wasn't alone tonight..of course he didn't need to worry about that.

Which he wasn't...he wasn't the only Walken out there,  after all there are hundreds of Walkens out there out on the prowl for human blood.  And they're everywhere,  the night of Walkening has just begun my friends,  oh yes it has.