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The Walken's Bride

he Walken’s Bride

A ChrisXKate story

This is a Chris WalkenXKate Beckinsale love story with Walkenization and vampirism related themes,  it also includes a nod to Dracula:  Dead and Loving It,   and mild blood-letting/blood-feasting.   

This is by no means one of those creepy stalkerish Real Person Fics as this takes place in the Monster World where humans and supernatural beings co-exist together in one world,  this is also by no means real and anyone who clearly thinks it is real needs to check themselves into a psych ward with R.M Renfield.  Also this is not a 'Mary Sue' story as the character of Chris the alpha Walken actually has weaknesses and flaws.

It had been many a year since Nathan had become Chris the alpha Walken and made himself an army of Walkens,   and more than that -  since he first made a human female into a She-Hessian seductress.    The last human he remembered seeing before becoming Chris was Ariana and since then,  he had been longing to be with the one humans referred to as Kate Beckinsale,  and more than that...he longed to be Chris once again.

Prior to this Kate had been hypnotized by Christopher Walken himself and conditioned into becoming a She-Hessian,  and was instructed to find Nathan and hypnotize him into becoming Chris so that the two may be together as Walken and She-Hessian.

He was in his special horror themed room that night,  it was adorned with various horror posters including a poster of Jack Nicholson in the Shining and a portrait of Gary Oldman as Prince Vlad in Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula -  he had just finished his latest project when he got the call from Jon who had just hypnotized him into doing a few missions as 'Chris'.   

At this time he still was reluctant about becoming Chris,  because for one thing Walken's main speciality was playing shady or villainous roles,  and because he feared he would lose any memories of his previous life...the last few transformations into him had been quite painful and scary for him,  but only because of resistance.   Deep down,  he loved being Chris and loved being hypnotized into becoming him,  losing his humanity to the more bloodthirsty cowbell crazed creature of darkness that lurked within.

It was at that moment that Kate appeared to him, manifesting through a cloud of mist almost like in a dream or vision.  At the moment she was in her human form as a means to seduce him.  She was dressed in her black 'Underworld' suit.

“What’s going on?  What’s all this then?”

“Hello,   Chrisss..”

"Oh my word!  Kate Beckinsale...what are you doing here?"


Kate seductively walked over to him before leaning over to the bed where Nathan was sitting on,  hissing slightly as she made seductive movements,  his heart beat increased rapidly as he turned to see her.

“My god! What are you doing to the furniture?”


She hissed slightly and seductively called his name as she slinked over to the bed and laid down, seductively hissing and moving on the bed sheets as Nathan watched,  utterly gobsmacked with what was going on.

“I’ll have you know that’s my knee you’re straddling.”

“Relax,  everything is fine…”

“No,  stop it at once!”

“Oh..but don’t you love it?  Of course you do,  Christopher…”

“No..this is wrong.”

“But it feels right...relax…”

“This is wrong,  do you hear me,  wrong?  This is...oh...rrr.. ...oh….WRONG ME, WRONG ME,  WRONG MY BRAINS OUT!”

She seductively gazed at Nathan,  licking her lips as if she was ready to bite him -  but she wasn't going to do that.

“I will..”

"Kate?  What are you doing?”

"Look deeply into my hypnotic eyes...I have been commanded to hypnotize you..and I will.."

Nathan gazed into her eyes and fell into an even deeper trance than before,  the more he gazed into her eyes,   the more entranced he became  -  becoming ever so mesmerized by her and devoted to you...he wanted to obey just that,  he wanted to be with her.


"You have no cannot think...look only at me..."

"I have no will...I cannot think , I must only look at you.."

He looked up at Kate with a newfound sense of obedience as his eyes turned from hazel brown to a hypnotic shade of blue,   it was becoming difficult for him to focus on anything else but her...he wanted to be with her.

"Sleep...dream of me...making love to Walken."

"I am.."

"Sleep now.. And dream of our night...Walken and Kate...sleep..."

He fell asleep on the bed,  a blissful smile crept across his face as he began to dream a most wonderful and alluring dream.   He couldn't exactly pinpoint what was going on,  but he was in some sort of dark part of the woods,  it was dark except for the blood moon peering out from the clouds, he heard the sounds of Kate's voice and the sound of cowbell echoing throughout as he ran through the woodland path with newfound inhuman agility.
"Dream...describe the dream…”

“Well i'm running through a dark part of the woodland area,  I hear your voice and cowbell beckoning to me and I see the blood moon peering out from behind the clouds.   I am running towards where you are.”

“,  come closer...Christopher.”

In the dream Kate's voice enticed Nathan to come closer to her,  and the cowbell was tinking his way into his mind,  making it the thing he wanted to hear next to her alluring voice.   

He came across a clearing of sorts,  and there he saw her -  dressed in a very form-fitting and stylish vampiress ensemble.   She was sitting on an altar of sorts,   and had been waiting for him for quite sometime.

"I am here...mistress.."

"Now...let us be together forever as Walken and she-hessian..join me, the warm embrace of the blood moon."


Nathan leaned over to Kate's side and embraced her before she leaned over to kiss him,  her kiss was quite addictive and powerful,  the more he was kissed by her,   the more entranced he became and the more it happened,  the more his human form slowly began to warp,  alter and transform.  His skin paling as his arms and legs stretched and became longer and thinner,  his clothing ripping away to be replaced with an elegant black and grey ensemble,   his frame becoming more lithe as he grew to 6'ft, his hair turning sandy brown and prickling up as his eyebrows thinned out and turned the exact same colour as his hair,   his features morphing and reshaping themselves to become those of Christopher Walken.   

He tried to pull her back but his newly developing instincts wouldn't allow it,  his thoughts slowly shifting to focus on more...Walkeny things such as singing,  dancing,  acting and of course cowbell.   His moans grew deeper and lower,  altering to become gravellier and more hypnotic,  warping,  harmonizing and Walkenizing...his voice and speech patterns and vocal tone also shifting to those of Walken as his fingernails and teeth sharpened. Christopher Walken himself, gazed at her and happily growled as two chalices filled with blood materialized,  he grabbed the first chalice and lapped the blood up.

A few minutes later he awoke from the dream,  moaning and sort of growling -  uttering..."Kate,  I will always be your Walken."  "Mooorre cowbell" and reciting the 'two little mice' speech from Catch Me If You Can.   He let out a yawn that sounded more like a Hessian roar as he sat up,  he saw Kate - this time her appearance had changed,  she had become more attractive even though she looked like a genderbent version of the Hessian.  

"Awaken...and tell me the rest of your dream."

"We were a darkened part of the woods..sitting on an altar of sorts and we kissed...I slowly transformed into Walken and we danced all night,  and I drank blood out of a tasted so very good.   Tis a pity it was only a dream."

"Oh,  it was more than a's destiny,  Christopher.  You are destined to be my dark Walken master and I am destined to be your She-Hessian."

Nathan put his glasses back on and as he did,  he noticed that there was blood dripping from his mouth -  it must have been from the dream he had,  he carefully wiped it up with his tongue,  before wiping his mouth. actually tasted good.   He then noticed what appeared to be a cowbell of sorts with C.W's initials on it.   He opened his eyes slightly,  to his surprise they were the same hypnotic shade of blue they were in the dream.  

"Hmmm..maybe being Christopher Walken isn't so bad after-all."

“Of course it isn’t,  Christopher.   You are destined for this.  Join me,  we shall be forever youthful and Walkeny together.”

“Oh,  Kate...I have longed for so long to have you with me.”

“Then long no longer,  for I am here…”

“Kate...make me your forever Walken.   Make me yours forever.”

“Christopher,   I shall make it happen.”

She leaned forward to kiss Nathan before biting him a few times on the neck,   Nathan reacted in an unexpected manner by letting out a low-growl of pleasure.   He covered his mouth out of embarrassment.

“I’m sorry mistress...I didn’t mean to growl like that.”

“Don’t be sorry Christopher,  you’re a is only natural for a Walken to growl.”

“It is?”

“Yesss...Christopher.  Don’t be embarrassed.”

“You’re right,  my dear Kate...I shouldn’t be.  I am Walken and I shouldn’t be ashamed of what I am.”

Nathan growled softly as Kate caressed him,  leaning in to give him a passionate Hessian styled kiss as her sharp pointed teeth bit into his lip,   causing blood to drip from it. 

He lapped the blood up with his tongue and tasted it,  it may have been due to the hypnosis induced trance or from her bite,  but the blood was beginning to taste very good to him,  he licked his lips at the thought of acquiring more of it.

“You like blood,  don’t you Christopher?”


“It’s can say it,   it’s alright to say it here.”

“I waaaant blooood…”

He moaned as his stomach growled,  his appetite shifting to become a more bloodthirsty one - human food and drinks now didn’t do anything to sustain his increasing bloodlust. 

In fact it was even more difficult for him to think straight as a set of Walken-like instincts started taking over him mentally,  any thoughts and recollections of being human fading as new Walken-like thoughts and traits began to manifest themselves.

“Don’t you worry my beloved Walken,  you will get all the blood you need.”

“Aaawwwrrgh...please mistress.”

A chalice containing a mixture of blood and a golden brown liquid that he couldn’t quite remember the name of materialized in front of him.   He licked his lips as he grabbed the challice and happily lapped up the contents.

“That’s it Christopher,  drink...drink it all up.”

“Mistress...what’s that golden brown stuff?  It looks familiar to me.”

“It’s Walken,   I know that you love it.”

“Rrrrr..mistress.. tastes good.   I love cowbell,  it is so good.”

“Of course you do..”

“Please,  mistress...I need more cowbell..”

“You shall have all the cowbell you desire.”

“Mistresss..I love you.”

“Come,  shred your humanity and join a Walken forever.”

“Forever,  mistress?”


Nathan concentrated as a series of supernatural sensations flowed through his body and his Walken-like mindset influenced him every step of the way,   making him think more and more like a Walken.

Just then there was a slight ripping sound as his jeans shredded apart before reforming into a pair of black and silver tinted elegant dress pants,  his belt snapped off and was replaced with a semi Hessian styled belt.

His legs slowly stretched as they became longer and thinner,  a pale skintone crept up them as all skin imperfections faded away,  his socks and slippers melded into a pair of elegant dress shoes to match his new pants.

Kate moved into continue what she did started,  she was starting to become more attracted to Nathan/Christopher,  as his arms stretched to become longer as they thinned out,  his fingers becoming longer as well as his knuckles became sharply more pronounced as his fingernails lengthened and sharpened,   the pale skintone creeping up his much longer arms to have them match his legs.

His short button up shirt and his cardigan both peeled away to become replaced with an elegant black and silver dress shirt with the Hessian style motif as he leaned in a little bit closer to the woman of his dreams.    His torso,  chest and shoulders slenderized to become Walken-like as he elevated in height to 6’ft,   growling happily as he slimmed down to become more lithe.   His strength and agility increased to inhuman levels in the process as more Walken-like thoughts started forming in his mind.   Standing at the patrician height of 6’ft,   he turned to Kate and growled happily once more.

Feeling the urge to break out into a dance number,  he twirled Kate around before spinning around,   moving his new Walkeny legs and feet to the music in his head.   The more he transformed,  the more Walken-like he was becoming,  and the more attracted Kate was becoming to him.

“Oh love,  you are becoming so wonderfully gorgeous.”

“And you are gorgeous too.”

“The more you transform into your true beautiful self,  the more in love I fall with you.   You are my one and only Walken,  always and forever.”

“Yes,  mistresss…”

Kate caressed Nathan/Christopher as the two waltzed together,  as much as he wanted to try and pull her back,   his Walken-like instincts didn’t allow it because of the power Kate had over him and because this was his destiny.

Nathan/Christopher’s neckline elongated to become thinner and longer as the pale skintone crept up it,  he twirled Kate around some more as his hair prickled up slowly and turned sandy brown as it took on the texture of Walken-like hair.   His hair also getting a bit longer at the back to become a marvelous Walken-like mane.

He moaned a little bit in a mix of awe and pleasure as his eyebrows thinned out and turned the same colour as his hair,   he was becoming so entranced by the process already that he didn’t mind the changes at all.   In fact in his already Walkenizing mind’s eye,  he was becoming more beautiful and youthful.

“That’s it my Walken… you are very youthful and enchanting...a true Walken.”

“Aaawrrrgh,  my love...let me be yours forever,  to be your Walken.”

“You are..”

His already hypnotic eyes which were still the same shade of blue from his dream,  spread out and became slightly sunken as they gave off a supernatural glow,   his forehead elevating itself higher up until it became higher and Walken-like too.

The pale skintone now manifesting itself on his face as his jaw-line shifting to become narrower and more angular,   his facial shape looking very elegant,  leonine and priestly -  giving him a slightly more Walken-like facial structure.

His nose shrank a little as it altered to be Walken-like,  his lips thinned out as the shape of them reshaped into a more cresentian shape while the tips became pointed,  but those weren’t the only things that were becoming rather pointed.

Feeling his teeth with his tongue,  he could feel them lengthening and sharpening as the canines extended to become quasi-vampiric fangs while the rest of his teeth sharpened and became pointed and very Hessian-like.    His expression curling itself into a stern but powerful pseudo Walken-like semi snarling expression as his cheekbones became sharper and more pronounced, his cheeks becoming lighter and slightly sunken.

Kate reached for him and kissed him,  before running her fingers through his Walken-like mane and caressing him,   molding his face with her hands to transform it,  watching as it became narrower and more quasi- Brachy/mesoian/dolichokephalian in shape.    Giving him the face of Christopher Walken.

“ love,  I am becoming”

“Beautiful?  Why yes,  you are.”

“Mistress...I am yours forever,  take me.”

“Oh I will…”

Kate massaged his throat softly,  making his voice deepen and grow lower in tone,  the more she massaged it -  the more his voice warped,  altering to become deeper,  gravellier and more hypnotic in pitch and vocal tone.    His moans and groans sounding more and more Walken-like with a selection of growls thrown in.

In the process a New York accent of sort developed as his speech patterns altered from his normal speech patterns to a more clipped and distinctive set of Walken-like speech patterns, his voice now fully shifted to that of Christopher Walken.

Next,  his Walken instincts took over completely as all thoughts he had as a human were now completely gone,  replaced with thoughts of dancing,  singing,  acting,  hunting and acquiring blood and cowbell,   all of his problems he had back when he was human just melting away along with his troubles and any recollection of ever being human to begin with,  well to be fair he STILL had his personality and his memories,   it’s just they were fixed and altered to become those of Walken.    

When the transformation was complete,  he let out a proud Walkeny roar as he leaned in to give her a kiss in return.   There was no longer Nathan,  only Walken...Chris Walken,  ready to take the night by storm.

“Kate,  my love...will you be my She-Hessian bride?”

“Oh,  Christopher yessss….yesss….I will.”

Finally,  with the transformation complete,  Christopher bowed to Kate before standing up to embrace her,  she and Christopher embraced as the two of them twirled and levitated in the air gracefully as if time was standing still just for them.   Christopher produced a ring and a necklace with a cowbell on it and Kate accepted the gifts.

The two married and had a huge ceremony with a vampiric/Walkeny theme,  the sound of cowbell echoing throughout the halls as the two of them celebrated and had unlimited supplies of blood and liquified cowbell.

Now,   Chris Walken and Kate Beckinsale the She-Hessian are happily married and have their very own Walken’s castle modelled after Bran Castle in Transylvania.   As for any future plans, they really don’t have any apart from building an army of Walkens which is still growing to this very day.

True love doesn’t always have to be for the young but also for the young at heart,  for our Walkeny couple is forever youthful and Walkeny -  always and forever.

END SONG:  Love Song For A Vampire by Annie Lennox,  from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 Dracula adaptation.

Come into these arms again.
And lay your body down.
The rhythm of this trembling heart.
Is beating like a drum.

It beats for you,  it bleeds for you.
It knows not how it sounds.
For it is the drum of drums.
It is the song of songs.

Once I had the rarest rose.
That ever deigned to bloom.
Cruel winter chilled the bud.
And stole my flower too soon.

Oh loneliness,  oh hopelessness.
To search the ends of time.
For there is in all the world.
No greater love than mine.

Oh love,  oh love, oh love, oh love.
Still falls the rain.
Oh love,  oh love, oh love, oh love.
Still falls the night.
Oh love,  oh love, oh love, oh love.
Be mine forever.
Oh love, oh love, oh love,  oh love, oh love.

Let me be the only one.
To keep you from the cold.
Now the floor of heaven’s laid.
The stars are bright as gold.

They shine for you,  they shine for you.
They burn for all to see.
Come into these arms again.
And set this spirit free.

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Gift of Cowbell

The Gift Of Cowbell

The following is a fictional story about how my character turned into a Walken, it is for the most part fictional which means it is not true.   Please do not copypaste this or screencap it for the sake of mocking it,   if you think it is real please seek professional help immediately.

Looking at the picture associated with this story will cause you to slowly become like Christopher Walken.  You may feel the urge to break out into a dance,   attempt to do the 1812 overture with your armpit,  perch like an archangel,  chase Johnny Depp through the town of Sleepy Hollow and roar like a Hessian warrior,  get a job at Bed,  Bath and Beyond,   dance around in a hotel room, tell stories about mice and buckets of cream, listen to the sound of the cowbell,   read the Three Little Pigs, become a soldier in Vietnam,  take up ping pong and dress in Asian garb,  you will also come down with a severe desire for more cowbell.

This also may cause an aversion to anything to do with bears, especially a certain group of singing bears. Oh and you may have the urge to say "Good for you, good for you - good FOR YOU!" on occasion.


You know those dreams that are just surreal enough to actually be real?   Those ones that sometimes you think actually did happen?   Well..i’ve had plenty of those,  mainly revolving around Christopher Walken.

For some reason I was dreaming of him and seeing him everywhere and even...becoming him,  it was like he placed me under his spell or something,   because all I could think of was Walken.

The most peculiar of them happened last night,  although oddly enough it didn’t feel like it was a dream at all.   I was walking through the street,  it was a very mysterious and spooky night.

I was on my way home from my stint at the local theater company when I heard from a dear friend that they were a Walken fan and that they had received a strange package from a website I wasn’t familiar with.    The strange thing was I don’t remember ordering from said website.

“So what do you think it is?”

“I don’t know...but I think it came from a site called”

“Hmmm...don’t think i’ve ever ordered from there.   I mostly order from Ebay and Amazon along with Mighty Ape.”

“Well it says...dear customer:  Thank you for ordering from,  we hope you will enjoy your goods.”

“What is it?”

He opened the package,  revealing what was inside -   it was a large cowbell of sorts made out of a metallic substance.    Which in turn sent me into a hypnotic trance, making it difficult for me to think.

“It says’s part of a ‘Walkenization’  kit.’

“So it’s a…c-c-c…”




“Nathan?  Are you okay?”

“Oh..i’m’s just.”

“You went into some sort of trance..almost like you were hypnotized or something.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“It didn’t sound like nothing to me.   I mean..that was kind of weird,  it’s like you have some sort of cowbell fixation or something.”


“Yeah,  like that!”


“Nathan?  What’s goiing on?  You’ve been acting strange all week ever since you ordered this for me from that How2BeAMonster website.”

“I...I...I...rrr...neeeeed more cowbell.”

“Why do you need more cowbell,   Nathan?   Why?”

“I don’t know what came over me,  sorry.”

“It’s okay.”
“Just curious...why did you want that exactly?”

“Well you might think i’m crazy but I want to be a Walken.”

“You do?”

“Well seem to be so heavily into Walken as of late that i’ve decided to join this ‘Walken’ clan thing you keep mentioning.”

“You mean you want to become a Walken yourself?”

“Oh hell wouldn’t happen to know someone who is a Walken,  do you?”

“As a matter of fact...I…..cowbell…”

With the utterance of the trigger word ‘cowbell,  I fell into a deep trance-like state,  falling ever so slightly into the trance,  blissfully letting my own will and mind slip away as I focussed on the cowbell that my friend was holding.

The effect the cowbell had on me was powerful and entrancing,  sending jolts of energy throughout my body.    My thoughts started to shift,  becoming filled with thoughts of bloodlust, dancing and cowbell.   As the blood moon peered out from behind the clouds, I couldn’t help but let out a growl.

My jeans slowly but surely peeled and ripped apart and reformed into a pair of elegant dark grey dress pants as my belt snapped off to be replaced with dark grey Hessian styled belt.   My legs slimmed down and elongated,  becoming thinner and more lithe as a pale skintone crept up them,  with a series of cracking noises they shifted to become more Walken-like as my shoes and socks melted off my feet and were replaced by a pair of elegant black dress shoes.

From within,  my DNA was radically altering,  changing from human DNA to the parahuman DNA of a Walken as my senses heightened and my strength and agility increased to inhuman levels.   A low growl emitted from my stomach as my appetite shifted to a more bloodthirsty one,   human food and drinks didn’t mean anything to me - all I longed for was blood and more cowbell and to be ever so loyal and Walkeny.

There was another series of cracking sounds as my arms were the next slowly stretch, elongating,  becoming longer and thinner as the pale skintone crept up them,  my fingers grew longer and thinner as my knuckles sharpened, becoming more pronounced.   My fingernails lengthened and sharpened in the process,  becoming like claws.

“Nathan...are you changing?”


All skin imperfections faded away as my white shirt and jacket slowly peeled and tore away and then reformed into an elegant dark grey dress shirt and coat as the same series of supernatural sensations jolted through my body.

My shoulders,  chest and torso all slimmed down, slenderized and Walkenized to become more Walken-like as the pale skintone from before crept upwards.  I elevated from my normal height to 6’ft,  becoming more lithe in the process.

I was feeling more and more Walken-like as the Walken-like traits and instincts began to take hold,  my human mindset shifting to a more Walken-like one as I developed the desires to sing,  dance,  act,  roar,  growl and to hunt for blood and mood gradually becoming a lot more cheerful and energetic in the process of the transformation.

I felt a tingling sensation at the back of my head as my hair slowly prickled upon, developing a Walkeny texture to it and turning sandy brown,  my eyebrows thinning out and turning the same colour.   My neckline elongated to grow longer and thinner,  as the pale skintone from before crept up it.

I looked down at my dear friend as my eyes turned from hazel brown to icy blue with dark green inner rings before they spread out,  becoming narrower and slightly sunken - taking on that almond shape and also quite heavily lidded.   They also became rather hypnotic as they gave off a supernatural glow.

He couldn’t help but be amazed by my changing physiognomy ,  from the pale skin that once was normal human skin,   to my majestic patrician height… ..I was becoming more beautiful with each change.

I moaned a few times and each time I did,  it sounded like a series of low growls as more and more Walken-like instincts began taking over.   My nose slowly altered in shape to become Walken-like,   as my forehead elevated and grew higher up -  giving me a Walken-like forehead.
The structure of my head shape slowly shifted to become leonine and elegant, also shifting a little to  become narrower and more quasi- Brachy/mesoian/dolichokephalian in shape.   

“Naaathan….you’re starting to look like Christopher Walken…”

“Aaaawrrrr...yessss...I am.”

I smiled slightly as my lips thinned out before curving into a semi cresentian shape with the tips become pointed,   I licked my lips as my teeth lengthened and sharpened with my canine teeth extending to become fangs as the rest of my teeth became pointed and Hessian-like.

My cheekbones became more pronounced as my cheeks themselves shifted to become more hollow,   the pale skintone from before now replacing the normal human skintone I would have on my face as my chin narrowed a little,   causing my jaw-line to shift and become more angular.

The last thing to change was  my voice as it slowly deepened with each breath, becoming deeper and gravellier,  before also shifting to become more hypnotic and distinctive  -  developing that more Walken-like tone and style to it.   Now I had the voice of Walken to match my Walken-like appearance as my Walken-like instincts fully took over,   completing my transformation.   I let out a proud,  fierce Walken-like roar and I did a dance number,  now finally free of my human form once and for all.

My friend couldn’t believe his eyes,  there I was -  standing before him as a Walken and he was still entranced by the whole thing,   he looked up and gasped slightly but not of shock but in a more awestruck way.    

“You’re one of them?”

“ human friend,  I am a Walken.”

“You are?”

“ name is may call me Chris.”

“Wow...a real Walken!

“Yes….I  am a real Walken and now I shall make your dream come true.”

“You mean i’ll get to be a Walken too?”

“Oh will..”

I picked up the cowbell which was attached to a pendant of sorts and wrapped it around my friend’s neck,   it made a series of hypnotic tinking sounds as it swayed around.   Each time it did,  my friend fell deeper and deeper into a trance-like state until he was completely entranced.   I lightly scratched him with my long clawed fingernails and growled softly.


“ my young soon to be Walken,  and dream of being a Walken like me.  Let your dreams be filled with all sorts of Walkeny imagery.”


In a matter of seconds my best friend fell fast asleep as a black velveteen blanket materialized before him, wrapping itself around him until he was snug,  safe and sound and cozy.   His dreams became filled with the desire to be a Walken and to follow me around as my obedient Walkenized minion.    He even growled softly in his sleep as he had those dreams.

I left him there in peace as I slinked off into the night to find some more people to convert into happy, blissful,  enchanting Walkens.    A few hours later he woke up,  and looked at his reflection to see himself fully transformed into a beautiful alpha male Walken.

“Did my young Walken sleep well?”

“Oh yes,  master.”

“Did you dream of being a Walken?”

“I sure did!  It was wonderful.”

“Come young Walken,  the night is’s time to go and find you some humans to hypnotize so that you can help me add them to my army.”

“Let’s go,   I can’t wait!”

With that the two of us slinked off into the night to go and hypnotize some more humans in hopes of making them into Walkens.   The night had just begun but still the aura of Walken had already filled the air.

I’m not really sure if it was really a dream or if it was real,  but one thing for sure is that it truly was magical.    Maybe it was real after-all.   I mean anything is possible...even the existence of Walkens.    Maybe it was real after all.   I had finally found my happy place,  as a Walken to which I shall always be now and forever.

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